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Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success: the only defensive play you need

If Offense is Frodo, then Defense is Sam in Madden Mobile 17.  It’s there because it has to be, because offense needs something in front of it.  This is unfortunate, since even Gandalf would say, “Defense wins championships”. Playing defense is unnecessary for league, tournament and rivalry modes.  It is required, however, for Season and… Read More »

Madden Mobile 17: Top Run Plays

Running the ball is the key to success in Madden Mobile 17.  Below are the top rush plays. Also, check out my other Madden Mobile 17 posts: Top Pass Plays Head-to-head Tips for Success Should I use the Auction? Top Run Plays 1) HB DIVE WK (I-Form) How: If the OLB breaks out, run between… Read More »

The Bunker Launch Trailer — Live Action Games: we can, but should we?

Live Action video games will take over some day.  Is that “some day” here?  Nope.  Not until it’s more than just point-and-click. The Bunker, which bills itself as “A 100% Live Action Psychological Horror”, is launching to PC and PS4 on September 20 and on Xbox 3 days later.  It’s intriguing that the game is… Read More »

Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success: Head-to-Head Rivalry Games

Head-to-head play in Madden Mobile 17 is a battle.  You’ll get bloody and bruised.  You’ll want to give up.  But you won’t because you want that 99 Gronkowski!  To get him, you need to climb the divisions.  13 times, in fact.  That’s 10 million fans.  Sounds daunting, but it’s not.  I don’t consider myself a… Read More »