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Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success: the only defensive play you need

If Offense is Frodo, then Defense is Sam in Madden Mobile 17.  It’s there because it has to be, because offense needs something in front of it.  This is unfortunate, since even Gandalf would say, “Defense wins championships”.

Playing defense is unnecessary for league, tournament and rivalry modes.  It is required, however, for Season and some live events such as Domination.

So which play should I run?  Which formation?  3-4, 4-3, Dime or Nickel?

There really is no strategy here.  The only defensive play you need in Madden Mobile 17 is the 3-4 Pinch.

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3-4 Pinch

madden mobile 17 video game

Pinch is the only defense play you need in Madden Mobile 17

Select the ROLB (Anthony Barr in the screenshot).  It doesn’t matter which formation the offense is in or which down.  Place him a couple yards from the left tackle.  Pull down on the control so that he’s running in place.  He won’t cross the line of scrimmage until after the ball is snapped.

madden mobile 17 video game

Choose the outside Linebacker and have him run around the tackle for a clean hit on the QB.

Once the play starts, move him around the tackle and then toward the QB.  It will very often result in a sack or user tackle.  There’s also a high chance the QB will make a bad throw resulting in incompletions and interceptions.

madden mobile 17 video game

Lots of sacks and other good stuff.

That’s it.  That’s all you need to know.  It’ll help you win season games, live events, and complete achievements.

And get you that precious ring.

Madden Mobile 17: Top Pass Plays

Passing is tough in Madden Mobile 17.  Once you get to the Hall of Fame Division, it may even feel like brain surgery.  But effectively passing the ball is key to move up in the ranks.  Here are some plays to get you going.

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Top Passing Plays

Before we get to the plays, some general tips.

  • Avoid the lob.  As much as possible, throw tight passes.  Lobs will give several defenders time to get to the ball.  Having said that, on prayer-situations, lob is better than bullet.
  • Look for the open man.  Even if it’s a short gain, hit the high percentage pass.  If a guy is open and you throw to someone else, chances are that someone else has multiple defenders on him.
  • One-on-one.  Whenever you see a receiver, especially the Tight End, on single coverage, throw it to him.
  • Inside position.  Even if your receiver has a man beat by a step, if the DB has the inside position, chances are it will be picked.  Don’t throw it in that situation.  Always look for your receiver in the inside position – that is, between your QB and the defender.
  • Avoid the middle.  Run plays to the outside (e.g. Corners).  Throwing the ball to middle routes (e.g. posts) is more likely to be picked.
  • Keep it simple.  Focus on no more than 3 routes.  2 is ideal.  Don’t have time to go to your 4th progression.


madden mobile 17 video game

Roll right, pass to HB or TE.

How: Start from the weak hash (the side that gives more field to your TE, or strong, side).  After the play action, roll to the strong side.  Look for your HB on the wheel first.  If he’s open, throw it to him quickly as possible.  If he’s covered, chances are your TE will have single-coverage.  Wait until the TE breaks for the corner and throw a tight pass.  If your TE is doubled and your HB is covered, throw it away.  Don’t throw it to your WR on the streak.

When: 1st and 2nd downs.  Not good for short yardage situations.

Counter formation: If you see the defense in 3-4, be prepared for a counter.


madden mobile 17 video game

Either pass to your WR or throw away if covered.

How: Only one target on this one.  After the play action, roll toward your strong TE side.  Look for your slot receiver running across the field.  He’ll either be open or single-covered.  If the CB is on the outside of him, then throw a bullet.  If the CB is behind or in the inside position, throw the ball away.

When: 1st and 2nd downs.  Not good for short yardage situations.

Counter formation: Nickel

3) HB ANGLE (Shotgun)

madden mobile 17 video game

Two targets: HB and then TE.

How: Look for your HB on the Angle.  If he’s open, throw a bullet.  If anyone is around him, pass to your TE on the streak.  If your TE has the inside position, throw a bullet.  If he’s beat his man or he’s doubled, throw a lob.  There’s a high chance of a pick but an equally good chance your TE will come down with it.  You can’t throw it away in the tackle box and taking a sack often results in a fumble.

When: Any down, any situation except Goal Line.

Counter formation: Nickel.


madden mobile 17 video game

How: Set up on the weak hash to give your TE the bigger field.  Look for your HB on the wheel first.  If he’s open, throw it to him quickly as possible.  If he’s covered, look for your TE on the corner.  If the LB lets him past, hit your TE with a semi-tight pass, hitting him between the LB and CB.  If the LB follows him on the corner, look to your strong side WR on the in route.  He should be open in front of you.

When: 1st and 2nd, any situation.  Short yardage situation on 3rd and 4th downs.  Not effective against the Nickel or Dime.

Counter formation: Nickel.


How: This is a good short yardage play, not much more.  Snap the ball, look for your TE on the flat, who will most likely be all alone.

When: 4th and short.  It’s effective since the defense will be playing the run.

Counter: Nickel.


How: Look for your HB on the option.  If anyone is near him, lob it to your TE on the Streak.

When: 4th and long.

Counter: Nickel.

7) HB OPTION (Single Back)

madden mobile 17 video game

How: If the TE has the inside position, bullet it to him.  If he’s behind the defense or tightly covered, lob it to him.  Good chance of a pick but also good chance he’ll haul it down.  If your TE gets held up , lob it to the WR on the streak.

When: 4th and long.

Counter: Nickel.


madden mobile 17 video game

These two plays are effective in the earlier levels, but too slow-developing to be a threat in the Hall of Fame difficulty.

How: On both plays, wait for your strong side WR to break for the corner.  Throw a tight pass to him as he gets past the LB.  If he’s doubled, lob it to him and hope he comes down with it.

When: Any down, long yardage situations.

Counter: Nickel.

Madden Mobile 17: Top Run Plays

Running the ball is the key to success in Madden Mobile 17.  Below are the top rush plays.

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Top Run Plays

1) HB DIVE WK (I-Form)

madden mobile 17 video game

HB Dive WK is a top go-to run play.

How: If the OLB breaks out, run between the center and tackle.  If the linebacker breaks in, run around the tackle.  As a default, run this play around the tackle.

When: Any down, any situation including 3rd and long.

Counter formation: AI usually defaults to 4-3 on this play, so if you see 3-4, the play is most likely countered.

2) HB BLAST (I-Form)

madden mobile 17 video game

HB Blast to blast through the defense (unless countered)

How: Run outside the tackle for a solid 5 yards or more.

When: 1st and 2nd downs and any goal-line situation except on 4th down.

Counter formation: 4-3.  This play is very often countered.


madden mobile 17 video game

3 effective run plays….

How: Default is to run it between the center and guard.  But be ready to run around the tackle since holes close up fast, especially in high tier games.

When: Any down, any situation.  Very effective for PAT.

Counter formation: Nickel.  Even if countered, this play has a high chance of success.  I’ve seen some Hall-of-Fame players run this play on every down, eventually breaking one for a big gain.


How: Run both plays right down the middle.  Effective against the dime or nickel for big gains.

When: Best on 3rd and Long or Goal line.  Against the nickel or dime, both plays have a high chance to break for 10 yards or more.  Weak I HB Gut is an effective PAT play.

Counter formations: Strong I Twins 20 Dive is 4-3 and Weak I HB Gut is 3-4.

5) HB PITCH (Single Back)

madden mobile 17 video game

HB Pitch and Slant 18, good for some situations but not all

How: Sweep out and watch the LBs and DBs for a chance to move up field.  The sooner you cut up-field, the better chance of success, but it will depend on the blocking and the defense.  If there’s a trailer or the block is to the inside, then sweep out as far as you can to turn the corner.  For this reason, it’s best to run it from the far hash.

When: Any non-goal-line situation except on 4th down.  Especially effective for short yardage situations such as 3rd and 3.  Not effective on 4th down or Goal Line situations.

Counter formation: Nickel.  Very ineffective when countered.

6) HB SLANT 18 (Single Back)

How: Sweep around the tackle or if you see a hole in the middle, hit it hard.

When: 1st or 2nd.  Not very effective on 3rd or 4th down situations.  Never run on Goal Line.

Counter formation: Nickel.

7) TRIPS HB SMASH (Single Back)

madden mobile 17 video game

Couple of trips run plays. Surprise!

How: Run it up the middle.

When: 1st or 2nd downs.  Often good for 5 yards.  Not too effective in other situations.

Counter formation: Nickel.

8) HB CUTBACK (Single Back)

How: After cut, look for a hole first.  If no hole, try and run it around the tackle.

When: I only run this on 1st down when I know other run plays will be countered.  Good chance of getting 5 yards if not countered.  I also run this to move the ball to a different hash.  For example, to shift to the left hash to set up another play.

Counter formation: Nickel.  This play will die when countered.

The Bunker Launch Trailer — Live Action Games: we can, but should we?

Live Action video games will take over some day.  Is that “some day” here?  Nope.  Not until it’s more than just point-and-click.

The Bunker, which bills itself as “A 100% Live Action Psychological Horror”, is launching to PC and PS4 on September 20 and on Xbox 3 days later.  It’s intriguing that the game is 100% live action, and the launch trailer foreshadows some dark and claustrophobically-spooky moments.  But it’s, unfortunately, point-and-click.

If you’ve been away for a while – in a nuclear bunker, perhaps – point-and-click games are what they sound like.  Take your mouse, point your cursor to a flashing spot on the screen, and click to induce some pre-set action by one of the characters in the game.  Sometimes it’s as simple as opening a door.  Other times, you need more finger-dexterity to complete a task – for example, wrestling a gun away from a villain.

the bunker video game

The Bunker, fortunately, has a very interesting premise.  A boy is the last survivor of a nuclear holocaust.  He lives day-by-exactly-same-day.  30 years pass, and the boy is still living his pre-set existence.  And then, an alarm goes off (literally), and his life is thrown upside down.  And then, of course, the more he tries to return to monotony, the more horrifying it gets.

These types of games have a strong following, as we’ve seen with Telltale Games’s ground-breaking work.  But the draw is the story more than gameplay.  It’s an interactive story, not a game.  Like little more than watching a movie.  So as of now, it matters not whether it’s shot live with real actors or drawn by hand.

Live Action games won’t have any real impact until the point-and-click barrier has been crossed.  That is, not until gamers are able to take full control of a live-action character.  A 1st Person Shooter or an RPG in a real world.  At that point, true suspension of disbelief will occur and a full gaming experience – along with all the negative side-effects will follow.

What negative side-effects?  Not sure yet, but no doubt a lot of players will get psychologically jacked-up facing real monsters and killing live-action characters and not cartoons.

Perhaps live action games are one of those “we can but shouldn’t” things.

We’ll see.

For now, we have relatively safe, point-and-clicker, The Bunker.

Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success: Head-to-Head Rivalry Games

Head-to-head play in Madden Mobile 17 is a battle.  You’ll get bloody and bruised.  You’ll want to give up.  But you won’t because you want that 99 Gronkowski!  To get him, you need to climb the divisions.  13 times, in fact.  That’s 10 million fans.  Sounds daunting, but it’s not.  I don’t consider myself a top Madden player, but I was ranked 66 overall last year, and this year, achieved Hall of Fame in just 4 weeks.

Below are tips to help you move up the tiers and get that Gronk!

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madden mobile 16 video game

2016 Final Rivalry Ranking: #66 Overall

Tips for Success: Head-to-Head

First of all, here’s how it works.  There are five divisions with 12 sub-divisions.  Each level requires you to achieve a fan milestone.  For example, the All-Madden tier will require 1 million fans.

You earn fans by doing something positive in an H2H game.  If you win a game, you earn fans.  If you score a touchdown or kick a field goal, you earn fans.

You lose fans by doing something negative, like losing or throwing a pick.

However, the number of fans you earn from a positive action is greater than the number of fans you lose from a negative.  For example, if you win a game at the HoF tier, you’ll gain 150K fans.  If you lose a game, you only lose 100K fans.  So, if you play two games, win one and lose the other, you’ll still net 50K fans.

You also gain fans if your opponent does some negative (a positive for you) and likewise, you’ll lose fans if your opponent does something positive.

madden mobile 17 video game

Each division gets harder as you move up

1) Play a lot of games

As noted above, you win more fans than you lose.  You gain fans from defense.  So the more you play, the faster you’ll move up the ladder.

2) Go for fans, not wins

The game is easy at the lower tiers.  4th and long?  No problem.  Run Hail Mary and your TE will haul it in.

Different story at All-Pro and up.  Even Linebackers will make acrobatic plays downfield.  Once you reach All-Pro, you have to play for fans.  Wins are great, but don’t call low-percentage plays for the win-or-nothing.

4th and goal at the 1 yard line?  Very tempting, but kick the field goal and get the fans.  You might lose the game as a result, but the FG is 99% guaranteed at that range.  Going for the TD is probably less than 50%, especially at the HoF level.

See below.  I went 2-3 over a 5 five game stretch, but still netted fans.  Go for the fans.

madden mobile 17 video game

Lost 3 of 5 but still gained fans.

3) Extra Point: Start with 2, then kick the 1

Go for two points up through All-Pro.  At the easier levels, the chances of converting is high even if countered.  But once you reach All-Madden, the chances of converting the two pointer drops significantly.  Get the sure point and put the pressure on your opponent.

4) Run before pass

The Defense develops super-human speed once you reach All-Madden.  Even Linebackers will outrun your Wide Receivers.  Get pass crazy and the chances of a pick or sack shoot up.  Run the ball, even on third and long.  Pass only when you need to, like 4th and long.  Or pass on running downs, like 2nd and short.

Rushing plays are also easier to execute and don’t require as much practice and defense recognition as pass plays.

5) Touchback, always

If the kickoff is in the end zone, hit the fair catch button and get the touchback.  Don’t try and run it out.  You won’t make it very far.

madden mobile 17 video game

Don’t run it out, you won’t make it

6) Have a script

One great new feature of Madden Mobile 17 is the gameplan function.  Unlike Madden Mobile 16, you can’t run the same play every down.  You have to run a ton of different plays.  As a result, it may become difficult to keep track of what’s countered and what’s not.  Having a script will make it easier for you to plan your second and third drives.

For example, my first drive usually consists of HB Dive Week, Strong I Twins PA Cross, HB Blast, PA TE Corner, HB Pitch, and/or Spread Slot Flags.  If those plays are countered, I have a good idea which plays to stay away from during my subsequent drives.  If my scheme is more random during my first drive, it’s difficult to remember which plays were countered.

7) Throw away to gain

If you’re outside the tackle box, you have the option to throw away the ball.  There’s a little trash can button on pass plays.  Know how to use it.  It’s fundamental football – it’s better to throw away the ball than risk a turnover, especially in the All-Madden and HoF tiers.

8) Get a good Kicker

Don’t buy players at the auction, especially at the beginning of the season.

Read my post on why you shouldn’t use the auction: Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success — Should I Use the Auction?

There is one exception.  Get a good kicker.  Kick-power is the most important stat.  90 and up should do.  This will significantly shorten the field and help you net fans.  For example, a kicker with 90 KP will be able to kick one from the 30 yard line.  Anything below that will require you to reach at least the 25 yard line.  Those five yards could mean millions of fans over several games.

9) Set your defense

It may be difficult to get gameplan cards at the beginning, but set and upgrade as quickly as possible.  Don’t bother with collecting bronze gameplans.  Trade them for silver until you can upgrade to gold.  Have at least two gameplans: one for passing and one for rushing.  Set the passing one as your default and switch to rushing if your opponent is a runner.

10) Practice, practice, practice!

Yep, obvious, but you need at least 10 go-to plays in Madden Mobile 17.  Know the routes, and learn to recognize the defense.  Only way to do that is to practice.

Hope this helps.  See you on the field.  Happy Maddening!

madden mobile 17 video game

The Prize: 99 Gronk