Lost Ember Teaser Trailer — What Animal Do You Want to Be?

By | August 28, 2016

What animal do you want to be?

That’s an awesome pick-up line.  Next time you’re at a bar and see that hot girl or guy, ask him/her, “What animal do you want to be?”  Works every time.

Really, I love that question.  It probably doesn’t do what some people think it does, which is, tell you something about that person’s character, but it is everyone’s fantasy to fly like an eagle or become a grizzly and pounce on well-intentioned but ignorant nature activists.

lost ember video game

Since college, my answer has always been whale.  I would love to float around and sing all day.  Girls thought that meant I was lazy and irresponsible, so I stopped telling girls I wanted to be a whale.  Instead, I said a Silverback that protects all his female companions.  They liked that a little better.

In Lost Ember, a game-in-development at Mooneye Studios, you can be an animal.  Lots of them.  The wolf is the main character here.  But the power of an ember also brings life to birds, goats, fish, mole, etc.  You can swim, fly, climb treacherous mountains and yeah, crawl around in underground tunnels.

lost ember video game

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t look like it has deep sea creatures, like the whale.  Perhaps Lost Ember 2?

The game is set for Kickstarter in the fall.  But it already looks amazing.  As it says on its website, it’s more than just a game, it’s an experience.  Overall, most intriguing animal-morphing game since Zelda: Majora’s Mask.  Definitely a project worth supporting – we’ll keep an eye out for its KS launch.

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