The Wolfe — Be Free!

By | August 26, 2016

It’s 2016 and I still see dudes lugging around their desktop.  Why?  They need the power of their desktop in a laptop situation.

Gamers, video editors, motion artists, etc, are all imprisoned to their powerful yet immobile work-stations.  They are imprisoned, ball and chain.  Will anyone free them?

The Wolfe is here to set you free!

the wolfe

The Wolfe is a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that plugs into your laptop, giving it the graphical oomph needed to accomplish graphics-heavy tasks.  Yeah, gaming, for example.  Guys can engage in some serious online action while out at the local bar.  No more mom’s basement or the man-cave where your wife can easily find you.  Escape.  Freedom.  The Wolfe is the ultimate liberator.

Or you’re a freelance editor or artist.  No longer need to be at your work station.  Work anywhere.

It also allows Virtual Reality on your laptop.  Think about that.  You are sitting in a café and need to hit your VR fix.  Put on those awesome headsets, plug in your Wolfe and you’re good to go.  People will love you.


The Wolfe is awesome.  And it’s on Kickstarter.  It’s already over $200K of $50K goal with 28 days to go.  Yes, those numbers are correct.  It is the disruption people have been craving for.  Who in the world will buy a desktop now?  Sorry, computer industry, time to adapt or die.

The Wolfe has stretch goals.  Pledge $399 and get your Wolfe at cost.  Yeah, do it now.

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