Prey 2017 Gameplay Trailer — I’m on a Space Station, y’all!

By | August 8, 2016

System Shock is coming back.  Soon.  Kickstarter funded the remake, and it’s only a matter of time.  But if you can’t wait, then Prey is coming back, which, like System Shock, is about space station gone mad.

Okay, you have to wait for Prey, too.  Until 2017, but the trailer’s here to whet your appetite for desolate space stations.

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t exactly wow, however.  It shows us it’s an FPS right away.  How?  The hand, of course.  I’m looking at my hand!  It’s real.  I’m on a space station and I’m looking at my hand!

Genius!  How do you show that it’s an FPS in a gameplay trailer?  Show the hand.

Not enough?

Show the hand holding something.  Like a gun.  And have it shooting something with the gun.  Yep, it’s an FPS.

And I’m on a space station!

Another non-wow is the arsenal.  A semi-auto pistol and a shotgun.  There’s an interesting device at :47, which looks like a camcorder.  It doesn’t really show what it does.  The dude looks through it and it becomes like Star Wars hyperspace.  I guess that’s what it does.   It’s like a really cool kaleidoscope.

Or perhaps it makes you see bad guys, which in this case are black shadowy things.  Some are small and insect-like.  Others have tentacles.  Others are more humanoid.  But they’re all black shadowy things.

Well, I wish that was a wow, but it really isn’t.  It actually feels like the developers took a shortcut.  Black shadowy things don’t need too much detail.  Although the ones with tentacles probably took some work to get all the tentacles tentacle-ly.

prey video game

Watch out for…black shadowy thing!

Prey is not Prey 2 but a re-imagining of the original.  That means some RPG elements, which I’m hoping is better developed than the FPS elements shown in the trailer.

Praying that Prey will be awesome.

Coming in 2017 to Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

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