No Man’s Sky Pillar Trailer 2 (Fight) — Are 18 Quintillion Planets not enough?

By | July 22, 2016

The most talked-about space exploration game of 2013 is now the most talked-about space exploration game of 2016.  This year, the game, and its 18 quintillion planets, will finally be here.


Yes, the procedurally-generated universe will be at your desk August 2016.

Fighting is one of the four pillars of No Man’s Sky (along with exploration, survival and trading).  And unfortunately, the least interesting.  The new trailer shows us some exciting moments, but even the 60-second trailer screams repetitive gameplay.  But again, the game has 18 quintillion planets to explore and love and claim.  There is no tragedy of the commons here.  Supply is plenty, you just have to go out and find it.  Why fight for it?

Well, there will be clans that gang up to ravage planets with goodies on them.  Yep, why spend time looking and working when you can just kill and take?  The easy way is often the bloodiest.

Planets are found, explored and documented.  Once documented, all players can get there as long as they have the capability (technology and equipment) to get there.  So, if I find an awesome resource-rich planet, I wouldn’t want to report it until I’ve exhausted it dry or have built a huge army to defend it.

Anyway, those are the questions and strategies that make the game interesting, not dog-fights in space.  But that’s one of the four pillars and the trailer does a good job showing it to us.

Just one more month!

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