System Shock on Kickstarter — This is how you make a Kickstarter Video

By | July 13, 2016

System Shock (1994) was heck of a game and it’s great to see the remake-attempt fully-funded on Kickstarter.  Read all about the bigger, better re-imaging on Kickstarter.

The original first person action RPG had some innovative components.  3D environment that required the player to think as well as slash.  And the story was intriguing – involving the take-over by an AI entity.

system shock video game

I always thought the beginning of The Walking Dead borrowed from System Shock.  The protagonist goes in a coma, wakes up to find the world over-run.  Zombies in TWD and hostile robots in SS.

Excellent story and non-linear gameplay incorporating action, role-play and exploration.  And complex, especially considering it was often compared to Doom, which was much much simpler – shoot demons, reload, shoot more demons.

Okay, the game is cool, but what I love more in this crowd-funding campaign is the Kickstarter video.

It’s one of those mock-documentaries incorporating a tale of a hero’s journey. gives us the info we need.  Yep, this is how you make a Kickstarter video.  Engaging, fun, informative, and presents us with some really old computers.  Always fun to look at.

Check it out below.  Looking forward to System Shock #2!

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