Phantaruk Trailer — Polyslash’s game isn’t about slashing

By | July 11, 2016

Not long ago I saw a movie called, Babadook.  Freaked me out.  The new stealth survival FPP, Phantaruk, kinda sounds like Babadook, and looks to have the same freak-out factor.  Check out the trailer:

The game, from Polyslash (yes, there really is a developer called Polyslash, which specializes in…yes, slasher games) is pretty spooky.  Lots of enclosed dark spaces.  Mutants or some other victims-of-experimentation monstrosity to hunt you down and suck out your eyeballs.

You’re on the spaceship, Purity-02.  The name sounds like a brand of bottled water, but don’t be fooled, it ain’t pure.  Nope, it’s irony, folks.  And it’s a research ship, which ultimately turns it into an “almost completely deserted deadly trap”.  “Almost” is the key word because there’s something else on that ship with ya, and it ain’t pretty to look at.

phantaruk video game

The trailer shows us first-person puzzles to help you survive, and lots of slow-moving “subjects” to watch from behind and under.  So, stealth is the way to go.  Polyslash made this game but there’s not a lot of slashing.  Nope, not a lot of hacking or blasting, which works if the stealth is varied and interesting.  But sneaking from point to point around a monster’s walking pattern gets old quick.

Hopefully the game will be more than that.

Phantaruk comes to Steam August 2016.

2 thoughts on “Phantaruk Trailer — Polyslash’s game isn’t about slashing

  1. ChrisPlays

    Does it matter if it’s a slasher? It looks like a perfect piece of horror!

  2. Greg

    I don’t think that Polyslash specialises in slasher games, but Phantaruk looks really cool.


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