Hawken on Console — Mech Battles never been so good…and Free!

By | July 6, 2016

Remember MechWarrior?

Long running series based on the BattleTech mechs.  Goes back to 1989.  Hours spent on Xbox Live pounding away metal.

It’s been a while, though, and so if you need more FPMS (First Person Mech Shooter), Hawken is coming to you on console.

It’s also an F2P, and there are 30 playable mechs, 9 maps, and 6 game modes, which means hours and hours of online mech action and mucho $ pumping into the in-app cash register.

The modes are Siege, Missile Assault, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Co-op Bot Destruction and Co-op Team Deathmatch.

Maps are Wreckage, Uptown, Prosk, Facility, Bunker, Bazaar, Front Line, Last Eco and Origin.

hawken video game

Mechs vary in type and tactical abilities.  As with all things F2P, takes time to move on up.  Impatient?  Pay real money.  You max out at level 30.

The story is the usual apocalyptic world of tragedy-of-commons kill to survive.  You wonder with all the time and money going into building and developing this advance tech, why not just grow some food?  But there would be no game, no Hawken.  So conflict prevails and hours of hours poured into utter destruction.

See you in my sights!

hawken video game

One thought on “Hawken on Console — Mech Battles never been so good…and Free!

  1. Mike

    That looks awesome. Love mechs. Too bad no Mac version, but I understand why.


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