Death’s Gambit Bosses Trailer — How do you kill an immortal?

By | July 5, 2016

How do you kill an immortal?  Is it like killing a Highlander or a zombie or other undead – cut off the head?  Is it that easy?

The Bosses Trailer for White Rabbit’s Death’s Gambit tells me…


It ain’t that simple.

In fact, it’s a total pain-in-the-big-A.  Different bosses require different weapons and different tactics.  Kill one this way, the next one will require that way.  And figuring out what’s immortal and what’s mortal is part of the fun.  Do it right, your job will be easier.  Make the wrong call, more pain and more death.

death's gambit video game

The high-paced 90-second trailer shows us a whole bunch of different bosses.  Below are a few of the ones I saw – not official character names, just my own descriptions.

Ice Giant: big guy with probably a very cold heart.

Old Man with Hammer: He’s big and has a single big towel covering his big….

Dark Laser Sword Knight: Yep, he’s dark and has the best laser sword not called lightsaber.

Demon: He’s cool-looking with a crab-like claw-arm and he eats your head and pops you like a grape.

Small dude who controls big dude: Little guy jumps on top of big guy and gets him to squash you.

Dark Angel with flaming wings: He’s a flamer and he’ll tear you apart.

Skeleton Ram Head: Another demon who looks like an animal but fights like a dude.

Sniper: Kills you from distance.

Winged Demon: More demon, more wings.

Fire-Breathing dragon: Flies and burns.

Owl guy: The best one.  Has an owl face, owl body, owl feet.  And he’s got antlers plus a leech-like vertical mouth in his abdomen.

death's gambit video game

Black Knight: ho-hum

Red Warrior: he’s fast and swings a Chinese halberd bigger than his body.

Wolf Man: Another ho-hum.

Guy with electric whip: Castlevania homage.

Guy with crossbow: According to the trailer, kill guy with crossbow with bow.

Worm: Too dark to see but he’s a worm and he’s fast.

Big Wolf: It’s a wolf, but big.

Armored dude with gun: I’m surprised there aren’t more armored dudes with guns.

So, that’s the lineup.  Yep, a lot of development went into making these super-awesome bosses.  Can’t wait to try out the game.

Game’s coming soon to PS4 and PC.

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