Monthly Archives: July 2016

No Man’s Sky Pillar Trailer 2 (Fight) — Are 18 Quintillion Planets not enough?

The most talked-about space exploration game of 2013 is now the most talked-about space exploration game of 2016.  This year, the game, and its 18 quintillion planets, will finally be here. Really. Yes, the procedurally-generated universe will be at your desk August 2016. Fighting is one of the four pillars of No Man’s Sky (along… Read More »

Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star DLC — Finally, the greatest battle in the history of the Galaxy!

Battlefront is nothing without the greatest battle in the history of the Rebel Alliance, and one of the greatest in the history of the galaxy far far away. The Battle of Yavin is often used when citing time in the Star Wars universe, like the birth of Christ.  For example, BBOY is Before the Battle… Read More »

System Shock on Kickstarter — This is how you make a Kickstarter Video

System Shock (1994) was heck of a game and it’s great to see the remake-attempt fully-funded on Kickstarter.  Read all about the bigger, better re-imaging on Kickstarter. The original first person action RPG had some innovative components.  3D environment that required the player to think as well as slash.  And the story was intriguing –… Read More »

Phantaruk Trailer — Polyslash’s game isn’t about slashing

Not long ago I saw a movie called, Babadook.  Freaked me out.  The new stealth survival FPP, Phantaruk, kinda sounds like Babadook, and looks to have the same freak-out factor.  Check out the trailer: The game, from Polyslash (yes, there really is a developer called Polyslash, which specializes in…yes, slasher games) is pretty spooky.  Lots… Read More »

Hawken on Console — Mech Battles never been so good…and Free!

Remember MechWarrior? Long running series based on the BattleTech mechs.  Goes back to 1989.  Hours spent on Xbox Live pounding away metal. It’s been a while, though, and so if you need more FPMS (First Person Mech Shooter), Hawken is coming to you on console. It’s also an F2P, and there are 30 playable mechs,… Read More »

Death’s Gambit Bosses Trailer — How do you kill an immortal?

How do you kill an immortal?  Is it like killing a Highlander or a zombie or other undead – cut off the head?  Is it that easy? The Bosses Trailer for White Rabbit’s Death’s Gambit tells me… NO!!! It ain’t that simple. In fact, it’s a total pain-in-the-big-A.  Different bosses require different weapons and different… Read More »