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No Man’s Sky Pillar Trailer 2 (Fight) — Are 18 Quintillion Planets not enough?

The most talked-about space exploration game of 2013 is now the most talked-about space exploration game of 2016.  This year, the game, and its 18 quintillion planets, will finally be here.


Yes, the procedurally-generated universe will be at your desk August 2016.

Fighting is one of the four pillars of No Man’s Sky (along with exploration, survival and trading).  And unfortunately, the least interesting.  The new trailer shows us some exciting moments, but even the 60-second trailer screams repetitive gameplay.  But again, the game has 18 quintillion planets to explore and love and claim.  There is no tragedy of the commons here.  Supply is plenty, you just have to go out and find it.  Why fight for it?

Well, there will be clans that gang up to ravage planets with goodies on them.  Yep, why spend time looking and working when you can just kill and take?  The easy way is often the bloodiest.

Planets are found, explored and documented.  Once documented, all players can get there as long as they have the capability (technology and equipment) to get there.  So, if I find an awesome resource-rich planet, I wouldn’t want to report it until I’ve exhausted it dry or have built a huge army to defend it.

Anyway, those are the questions and strategies that make the game interesting, not dog-fights in space.  But that’s one of the four pillars and the trailer does a good job showing it to us.

Just one more month!

Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star DLC — Finally, the greatest battle in the history of the Galaxy!

Battlefront is nothing without the greatest battle in the history of the Rebel Alliance, and one of the greatest in the history of the galaxy far far away.

The Battle of Yavin is often used when citing time in the Star Wars universe, like the birth of Christ.  For example, BBOY is Before the Battle of Yavin.

It’s also one of the biggest battle booms ever.  Even more than the Battle of Endor, which was only half-a-death star.

So, how can you not have the Battle of Yavin?  For one thing, you need the Force to destroy it.  Weakness or not, dropping a photon torpedo into a small hole takes more than just womp-rat-zapping skills.  It takes the Force.

If you have the Death Star, it’s really a one-sided battle.

The new teaser trailer for Battlefront’s Death Star DLC shows us the odds are stacked against the Alliance.  It also shows us sweet space battle action including the famous intense trench warfare.

The 3rd digital expansion pack includes maps on ground as well as space, and two new heroes, including one they say is larger-than-life.  Hmm, who could that be?

Coming in September.

System Shock on Kickstarter — This is how you make a Kickstarter Video

System Shock (1994) was heck of a game and it’s great to see the remake-attempt fully-funded on Kickstarter.  Read all about the bigger, better re-imaging on Kickstarter.

The original first person action RPG had some innovative components.  3D environment that required the player to think as well as slash.  And the story was intriguing – involving the take-over by an AI entity.

system shock video game

I always thought the beginning of The Walking Dead borrowed from System Shock.  The protagonist goes in a coma, wakes up to find the world over-run.  Zombies in TWD and hostile robots in SS.

Excellent story and non-linear gameplay incorporating action, role-play and exploration.  And complex, especially considering it was often compared to Doom, which was much much simpler – shoot demons, reload, shoot more demons.

Okay, the game is cool, but what I love more in this crowd-funding campaign is the Kickstarter video.

It’s one of those mock-documentaries incorporating a tale of a hero’s journey. gives us the info we need.  Yep, this is how you make a Kickstarter video.  Engaging, fun, informative, and presents us with some really old computers.  Always fun to look at.

Check it out below.  Looking forward to System Shock #2!

Phantaruk Trailer — Polyslash’s game isn’t about slashing

Not long ago I saw a movie called, Babadook.  Freaked me out.  The new stealth survival FPP, Phantaruk, kinda sounds like Babadook, and looks to have the same freak-out factor.  Check out the trailer:

The game, from Polyslash (yes, there really is a developer called Polyslash, which specializes in…yes, slasher games) is pretty spooky.  Lots of enclosed dark spaces.  Mutants or some other victims-of-experimentation monstrosity to hunt you down and suck out your eyeballs.

You’re on the spaceship, Purity-02.  The name sounds like a brand of bottled water, but don’t be fooled, it ain’t pure.  Nope, it’s irony, folks.  And it’s a research ship, which ultimately turns it into an “almost completely deserted deadly trap”.  “Almost” is the key word because there’s something else on that ship with ya, and it ain’t pretty to look at.

phantaruk video game

The trailer shows us first-person puzzles to help you survive, and lots of slow-moving “subjects” to watch from behind and under.  So, stealth is the way to go.  Polyslash made this game but there’s not a lot of slashing.  Nope, not a lot of hacking or blasting, which works if the stealth is varied and interesting.  But sneaking from point to point around a monster’s walking pattern gets old quick.

Hopefully the game will be more than that.

Phantaruk comes to Steam August 2016.

Hawken on Console — Mech Battles never been so good…and Free!

Remember MechWarrior?

Long running series based on the BattleTech mechs.  Goes back to 1989.  Hours spent on Xbox Live pounding away metal.

It’s been a while, though, and so if you need more FPMS (First Person Mech Shooter), Hawken is coming to you on console.

It’s also an F2P, and there are 30 playable mechs, 9 maps, and 6 game modes, which means hours and hours of online mech action and mucho $ pumping into the in-app cash register.

The modes are Siege, Missile Assault, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Co-op Bot Destruction and Co-op Team Deathmatch.

Maps are Wreckage, Uptown, Prosk, Facility, Bunker, Bazaar, Front Line, Last Eco and Origin.

hawken video game

Mechs vary in type and tactical abilities.  As with all things F2P, takes time to move on up.  Impatient?  Pay real money.  You max out at level 30.

The story is the usual apocalyptic world of tragedy-of-commons kill to survive.  You wonder with all the time and money going into building and developing this advance tech, why not just grow some food?  But there would be no game, no Hawken.  So conflict prevails and hours of hours poured into utter destruction.

See you in my sights!

hawken video game

Death’s Gambit Bosses Trailer — How do you kill an immortal?

How do you kill an immortal?  Is it like killing a Highlander or a zombie or other undead – cut off the head?  Is it that easy?

The Bosses Trailer for White Rabbit’s Death’s Gambit tells me…


It ain’t that simple.

In fact, it’s a total pain-in-the-big-A.  Different bosses require different weapons and different tactics.  Kill one this way, the next one will require that way.  And figuring out what’s immortal and what’s mortal is part of the fun.  Do it right, your job will be easier.  Make the wrong call, more pain and more death.

death's gambit video game

The high-paced 90-second trailer shows us a whole bunch of different bosses.  Below are a few of the ones I saw – not official character names, just my own descriptions.

Ice Giant: big guy with probably a very cold heart.

Old Man with Hammer: He’s big and has a single big towel covering his big….

Dark Laser Sword Knight: Yep, he’s dark and has the best laser sword not called lightsaber.

Demon: He’s cool-looking with a crab-like claw-arm and he eats your head and pops you like a grape.

Small dude who controls big dude: Little guy jumps on top of big guy and gets him to squash you.

Dark Angel with flaming wings: He’s a flamer and he’ll tear you apart.

Skeleton Ram Head: Another demon who looks like an animal but fights like a dude.

Sniper: Kills you from distance.

Winged Demon: More demon, more wings.

Fire-Breathing dragon: Flies and burns.

Owl guy: The best one.  Has an owl face, owl body, owl feet.  And he’s got antlers plus a leech-like vertical mouth in his abdomen.

death's gambit video game

Black Knight: ho-hum

Red Warrior: he’s fast and swings a Chinese halberd bigger than his body.

Wolf Man: Another ho-hum.

Guy with electric whip: Castlevania homage.

Guy with crossbow: According to the trailer, kill guy with crossbow with bow.

Worm: Too dark to see but he’s a worm and he’s fast.

Big Wolf: It’s a wolf, but big.

Armored dude with gun: I’m surprised there aren’t more armored dudes with guns.

So, that’s the lineup.  Yep, a lot of development went into making these super-awesome bosses.  Can’t wait to try out the game.

Game’s coming soon to PS4 and PC.