7 Days to Die — The survival-horde-FPS-RPG-crafting game to die for?

By | June 30, 2016

Minecraft is cool but sometimes you wished it was a little more R-rated.  Wish granted.

Telltale Games, the lords of episodic choose-your-adventures, have launched 7 Days to Die.

You are a survivor in a zombie-apocalypse.  Need to craft, fight, shoot and just survive to survive.  7 Days to Die is the combo of combo meals.  Some FPS, crafting, survival horror, tower defense and RPG.  Oh yeah!

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It’s the kind of fantasy every cubicle-dwelling office man dreams of.  It’s just me and the zombies.  Every day is a little different.  Every day there’s fear.  But there’s creativity.  There’s freedom.  And most of all, I choose my own day.  I choose my own future.  My life is in my own hands, and not in the hands of some millennial from Harvard who gets to fire me while shooting beer bottles with a nerf gun.  Yeah, I’ll take zombies any day.

7 days to die video game

7 Days to Die is open world.  Exploration is key because you ain’t growing your own food and making your own bullets.  What you loot and craft and find is how you survive.

The story?  A nuclear World War.  Mutants, presumably a result of the fallout, crawling around every where.  They can call them mutants, but of course they are zombies.  Is there a storyline?  Well, not yet, but of course this is Telltale, and no doubt they’ll add it as a feature for player engagement.

Get the game now, survive it, share your stories.

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