The Technomancer — Technomancing the big red Rock

By | June 23, 2016

Let’s all do The Technomancer!

No, it’s not a new dance craze, it’s a new action RPG from Spiders and Focus Home Interactive.

Yes, the game does seem as cool as the title.  Check out the gameplay video and then buy it from Amazon using this link:

It’s Mars.  It’s post-apocalypse.  Yes, Mars and Post-Apocalypse.  Need I say more?

Tragedy of the Commons following a war called, War of Water.  (Guess what the war was about.)  As anywhere, beings adapt and evolve…or they die.  And the survivors, both human and creature, have evolved at the speed and intensity that would make Darwin himself say, Lord Almighty!

The surviving humans either gang up, or they use their freakish assets, or they technomance.  Magic and technology and awesome weapons, which most often utilizes electricity.  Shield and shock.  High voltage shock and awe.

The creatures are big huge bugs, for the most part.  Big bone-less worms or hardened critters that’ll crush with one bite.

The RPG shows third-person battles that we’ve come to be very familiar with games like Assassin’s Creed, et al.  Nothing too special.  And the character and equipment enhancement are similar as well.  Nothing to write home about.

What’s most interesting is the story here.  Yes, cool concept with multiple endings and re-play.  Form alliances or make enemies.  Say the right thing or be prepared to battle.  All keys to survival.

Most of all, improve your Technomancy.  Do it fast, do it intense.  Or die.

Game’s out June 28, 2016.  Get it on Amazon.

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