Day Gone Gameplay Trailer — Only the manly dudes will survive a zombie apocalypse

By | June 21, 2016

Another common water-cooler question here in the capital of nerd-dom (AKA Silicon Valley):

In a Zombie Apocalypse, who is most likely to survive?

At my office, it’s always the former professional baseball-player-turned-engineer who spends the entirety of his 10-day vacation hunting stag in the mountains of North Carolina.

The dude most likely to die first?  Of course, the programmer who eats Top Ramen at his desk and seems out of breath after an hour of intense coding.  Although, if you think about it, he might live through an entire apocalypse never having left his desk.

How about a drifter and former bounty hunter?

Yeah, odds are pretty good.

days gone video game

Nope, no drifters or bounty hunters at my place of work, but there is one in Days Gone, the new open world action-adventure from SIE Bend Studio.

The PS4 exclusive introduces us to a world gone zombie after a pandemic transforms most of humanity into “Freakers”.  These aren’t slow Walking Dead zombies.  These are World War Z running-and-swarming hordes.

The 10-minute gameplay trailer shows us how our hero, Deacon St. John, survives in this madness.  Bullets.  Lots of bullets.  Again, it’s not Walking Dead where each precious bullet has to have meaning.  No, keep pumping lead.  In the trailer, he must have spent over 500 rounds.

The gameplay also shows scavenging, crafting weapons (e.g. Molotov cocktail), and using the environment and fire to your advantage.

days gone video game

It’s an intense trailer, though a bit repetitive after a couple minutes, and an intense world where only the manly-dudes will live.  Yes, it’s true, the future doesn’t look bright for geeks and nerds.  They’d be hoping for the return of Days Gone.

Can’t wait for this game.

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