Videoball — Who Needs Space Marines when you have…Triangles that shoot Triangles!

By | June 7, 2016

Love Videoball.  Love it!  Now!

Watch out Videoball fans, Videoball is here.  According to the “final gameplay trailer”…

VIDEOBALL is simple enough for a loud party.
VIDEOBALL is deep enough for a quiet party.
VIDEOBALL is all offense.
VIDEOBALL is all defense.
VIDEOBALL is all a highlight reel.

Man, that’s poetry!

Not sold yet?  Watch the trailer, all 3 minutes of SNL-esqe fun and Videoball madness (“Videoball is what’s for dinner”).

It claims there are no faeries, elves, space marines, tanks, or helicopters, but we’ll see about that.

videoball video game

What we do see are big triangles, small triangles and balls in a top-down view of a court similar to basketball, hockey or indoor soccer (Go, Los Angeles Lazers!)

The objective of the game is to use small triangles to make big triangles which squirt out of its triangle tip to push balls to the other team’s goal.  Yep, simple as that – put it in the hole.

You can customize the court, the colors, number of players and so on.

Looks like a killer game, too bad there are no elves.

Get Videoball on Playstation 4, Steam and Xbox One starting July 12, 2016.

One thought on “Videoball — Who Needs Space Marines when you have…Triangles that shoot Triangles!

  1. Tim Rogers

    Hi, hey, I am the designer / director of this game, and I have a weird request of you.

    Uh, so, people keep using The Wrong Logo for VIDEOBALL.

    Currently, the logo closest to that top of the Google Images search results for “VIDEOBALL” is a *huge* logo that is not our logo. And clicking it links to this story here.

    So, uh, wherever you got that logo from doesn’t matter, because I think people are getting that logo from you, somehow.

    Could you . . . delete that file from your website (lol) and then put the real one in its place? You can find all of our press assets in the “press” section of (which is of course not where anyone looks)!

    I would appreciate this a lot!!!


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