Mirror’s Edge Catalyst — Parkour, Heights, Running…need more?

By | June 2, 2016

I’ve tried parkour.  Once.

Hurdled a parking block, ran up some stairs, got up on a wrought iron fence and…nope, done.  Ain’t going over that fence.

My first and last parkour experience.

It’s dangerous, man.  And people hate you with all that running and jumping around.  I don’t like people hating me.

And I hate heights.  But parkour and heights are what Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is all about.

Check out the launch trailer and buy the game using the link below.

The FPPAA (first-person-parkour-action-adventure) is an open world of hi-tech buildings, conveniently-placed zip-lines, running, and lots and lots of heights.  Everything is high.  Outside, inside, sideways.  High, high, high.

I’m the guy who used to get dizzy playing Turok on N64.  That had heights.  Jumping from one ledge to the other.  Falling was a pain in Turok.  Assassin’s Creed had heights.  I almost wet my pants playing that game.  My hands are getting sweaty writing about heights.

mirror's edge catalyst video game

Yes, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has heights.  It also has open world exploration.  And a parkour game needs to be open world.  Creativity is a huge part of freestyle parkour.  Yep, I’m a parkour expert – me and my one parkour experience.

What Mirror’s Edge Catalyst doesn’t have are guns.  There’s running, kicking and other melee goodness, but no guns.  Which is good.  Parkour is about closing-in and trampling your foe up-close and personal.  Can’t hang back and snipe.  Use your environment, use speed, and git on up there!

The game also has multiplayer features though no live co-op or side-by-side action.  You play your game and later the other dude plays theirs.  You also play hide-and-seek: hide stuff and your opponent has to find it.

All good, but really, the game is parkour.  And whether or not you like heights, the game will get your blood pumping.  So parkour now and get Mirror’s Edge Catalyst:

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