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7 Days to Die — The survival-horde-FPS-RPG-crafting game to die for?

Minecraft is cool but sometimes you wished it was a little more R-rated.  Wish granted.

Telltale Games, the lords of episodic choose-your-adventures, have launched 7 Days to Die.

You are a survivor in a zombie-apocalypse.  Need to craft, fight, shoot and just survive to survive.  7 Days to Die is the combo of combo meals.  Some FPS, crafting, survival horror, tower defense and RPG.  Oh yeah!

Buy the game here:

It’s the kind of fantasy every cubicle-dwelling office man dreams of.  It’s just me and the zombies.  Every day is a little different.  Every day there’s fear.  But there’s creativity.  There’s freedom.  And most of all, I choose my own day.  I choose my own future.  My life is in my own hands, and not in the hands of some millennial from Harvard who gets to fire me while shooting beer bottles with a nerf gun.  Yeah, I’ll take zombies any day.

7 days to die video game

7 Days to Die is open world.  Exploration is key because you ain’t growing your own food and making your own bullets.  What you loot and craft and find is how you survive.

The story?  A nuclear World War.  Mutants, presumably a result of the fallout, crawling around every where.  They can call them mutants, but of course they are zombies.  Is there a storyline?  Well, not yet, but of course this is Telltale, and no doubt they’ll add it as a feature for player engagement.

Get the game now, survive it, share your stories.

Injustice 2 Official Game Reveal Trailer — Angry Superheroes and Villains are not good for your health

Fighting games haven’t changed much.  You on one side, your opponent on the other, fight!

So what will Injustice 2 bring that will alter the world of fighting games?

The gameplay reveal trailer doesn’t reveal any ground-breaking newness, but it does feature some intense battles and unique finishes.  The best finish, of course, is the under-rated Aquaman’s “beast-chomp”.  Yep, a big water monster comes out of nowhere and devours his foe.  Now, that’s a finish.

We also get a ton of Supergirl, who seems very angry in this trailer.  And a very sumo-wrestling looking Superman (see frame on :43).

And the tagline for this game is, “Every Battle Defines You”.

What does that mean, exactly?

When you win a match, you get loot.  The loot gives you gear to customize the look and abilities of your character.  Different loot leads to different character, including his/her abilities.  So yeah, literally, every battle defines who you are, what you can do, and how you look.

So far, the characters for Injustice 2 are Wonder Woman, Superman, Supergirl, Aquaman, Batman, Atrocitus, The Flash and Gorilla Grodd.

Gorilla Grodd receives extra screen time in the trailer because he is the most unique and interesting character of the bunch.  He’s a gorilla, after all.  But he’s intelligent.  And extremely angry.

Actually, everyone in this trailer seems extremely angry.  Why are they so angry?  They’re superheroes….

So far, Injustice 2 doesn’t seem genre-busting new, but it does present some intensity to make this game worth waiting for.  It’s out on PS4 and Xbox One in 2017.

injustice 2 video game

Angry Gorilla….

The Technomancer — Technomancing the big red Rock

Let’s all do The Technomancer!

No, it’s not a new dance craze, it’s a new action RPG from Spiders and Focus Home Interactive.

Yes, the game does seem as cool as the title.  Check out the gameplay video and then buy it from Amazon using this link:

It’s Mars.  It’s post-apocalypse.  Yes, Mars and Post-Apocalypse.  Need I say more?

Tragedy of the Commons following a war called, War of Water.  (Guess what the war was about.)  As anywhere, beings adapt and evolve…or they die.  And the survivors, both human and creature, have evolved at the speed and intensity that would make Darwin himself say, Lord Almighty!

The surviving humans either gang up, or they use their freakish assets, or they technomance.  Magic and technology and awesome weapons, which most often utilizes electricity.  Shield and shock.  High voltage shock and awe.

The creatures are big huge bugs, for the most part.  Big bone-less worms or hardened critters that’ll crush with one bite.

The RPG shows third-person battles that we’ve come to be very familiar with games like Assassin’s Creed, et al.  Nothing too special.  And the character and equipment enhancement are similar as well.  Nothing to write home about.

What’s most interesting is the story here.  Yes, cool concept with multiple endings and re-play.  Form alliances or make enemies.  Say the right thing or be prepared to battle.  All keys to survival.

Most of all, improve your Technomancy.  Do it fast, do it intense.  Or die.

Game’s out June 28, 2016.  Get it on Amazon.

technomancer video game

Day Gone Gameplay Trailer — Only the manly dudes will survive a zombie apocalypse

Another common water-cooler question here in the capital of nerd-dom (AKA Silicon Valley):

In a Zombie Apocalypse, who is most likely to survive?

At my office, it’s always the former professional baseball-player-turned-engineer who spends the entirety of his 10-day vacation hunting stag in the mountains of North Carolina.

The dude most likely to die first?  Of course, the programmer who eats Top Ramen at his desk and seems out of breath after an hour of intense coding.  Although, if you think about it, he might live through an entire apocalypse never having left his desk.

How about a drifter and former bounty hunter?

Yeah, odds are pretty good.

days gone video game

Nope, no drifters or bounty hunters at my place of work, but there is one in Days Gone, the new open world action-adventure from SIE Bend Studio.

The PS4 exclusive introduces us to a world gone zombie after a pandemic transforms most of humanity into “Freakers”.  These aren’t slow Walking Dead zombies.  These are World War Z running-and-swarming hordes.

The 10-minute gameplay trailer shows us how our hero, Deacon St. John, survives in this madness.  Bullets.  Lots of bullets.  Again, it’s not Walking Dead where each precious bullet has to have meaning.  No, keep pumping lead.  In the trailer, he must have spent over 500 rounds.

The gameplay also shows scavenging, crafting weapons (e.g. Molotov cocktail), and using the environment and fire to your advantage.

days gone video game

It’s an intense trailer, though a bit repetitive after a couple minutes, and an intense world where only the manly-dudes will live.  Yes, it’s true, the future doesn’t look bright for geeks and nerds.  They’d be hoping for the return of Days Gone.

Can’t wait for this game.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Official Game Trailer — Different Hyrule, Same Hyrule

Do you remember?

For older gamers, Zelda holds a special place.  A place that warps us in whenever we hear the magic word.  You could be a father of two, working 12 hours a day, but when you hear that familiar chord, you go back to when you were young, kinda like Link and his time-reversing Ocarina.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild showcased its Official Game Trailer at E3 2016.  And boy, was it a time machine!

The trailer wants us to see the open world.  The vastness of its playing space.  The rolling hills, the barren deserts, everything you’ve encountered in past Zelda games, but bigger, much bigger.  And also in much more new-gen beauty.  But it’s the same feeling we got the first time we ran out across the fields of Hyrule in Ocarina of Time?

Do you remember?

legend of zelda breath of the wild video game

Yes, it was a hub to other worlds, but getting on that horse and riding…just riding…made us feel…free for the first time as kids…or teens…or young adults.

That’s the power of Zelda and the trailer for this new game captured it beautifully.

The trailer also tells us the main battle play hasn’t changed much, which is good.  We also see the same puzzle-solving adventures, which is another good.  All good so far.

We also see Link being a resourceful little bachelor.  He has to cook and eat.  He has to find ways to survive while on his quest to save the love of his life.

We all identified with Link.  The poor kid who had to learn things the hard way.  Often orphaned, left alone.  Searching.  That was Link and that was us, in many ways.

We love The Legend of Zelda, and can’t wait for this one.

legend of zelda breath of the wild video game

Detroit: Become Human E3 2016 Trailer — Can Androids choose their own adventure?

Detroit isn’t much these days.  In the future, it’s Android City.

In Android City, we have hostage-taking androids and hostage-negotiating androids.  Androids negotiating with androids for humans over human life.

That’s the intriguing premise as shown in the E3 2016 trailer for Detroit: Become Human.

Connor is an android negotiator.  He’s sent in when an android has taken a human girl as hostage.  Reason: he doesn’t like being an android.  He doesn’t like being a slave to the humans who created androids to be slaves.

The trailer presents us with the choose-your-adventure gameplay.  Hit square to do this and X to do that, and so on.  Each action leads to a different outcome.  For example, one action leads to the death of the human girl.  Another action leads to everyone dying or the two dudes dying or just one of the androids dying, etc.  In other words, try and try again until you get the outcome you want.  Exciting!

My sarcasm on the shelf, this seems like another interesting premise wasted on the game design.  But I’m biased – not a big fan of choose-your-adventure, not even those kids’ books.  Ultimately, it’s not like Fable or Knights of the Old Republic where each action has a subtle effect that accumulates to a significant consequence later in life.  But with these games, pushing X instead of O leads to death, which only leads to one thing: load and re-try.

But all good.  This is Android City, Jake.  It’s Android City and nothing is as it seems.  The game, I hope, is as surprising and mysterious as Android City.

The game is currently in development for PS4, exclusive.

detroit become human video game

Videoball — Who Needs Space Marines when you have…Triangles that shoot Triangles!

Love Videoball.  Love it!  Now!

Watch out Videoball fans, Videoball is here.  According to the “final gameplay trailer”…

VIDEOBALL is simple enough for a loud party.
VIDEOBALL is deep enough for a quiet party.
VIDEOBALL is all offense.
VIDEOBALL is all defense.
VIDEOBALL is all a highlight reel.

Man, that’s poetry!

Not sold yet?  Watch the trailer, all 3 minutes of SNL-esqe fun and Videoball madness (“Videoball is what’s for dinner”).

It claims there are no faeries, elves, space marines, tanks, or helicopters, but we’ll see about that.

videoball video game

What we do see are big triangles, small triangles and balls in a top-down view of a court similar to basketball, hockey or indoor soccer (Go, Los Angeles Lazers!)

The objective of the game is to use small triangles to make big triangles which squirt out of its triangle tip to push balls to the other team’s goal.  Yep, simple as that – put it in the hole.

You can customize the court, the colors, number of players and so on.

Looks like a killer game, too bad there are no elves.

Get Videoball on Playstation 4, Steam and Xbox One starting July 12, 2016.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst — Parkour, Heights, Running…need more?

I’ve tried parkour.  Once.

Hurdled a parking block, ran up some stairs, got up on a wrought iron fence and…nope, done.  Ain’t going over that fence.

My first and last parkour experience.

It’s dangerous, man.  And people hate you with all that running and jumping around.  I don’t like people hating me.

And I hate heights.  But parkour and heights are what Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is all about.

Check out the launch trailer and buy the game using the link below.

The FPPAA (first-person-parkour-action-adventure) is an open world of hi-tech buildings, conveniently-placed zip-lines, running, and lots and lots of heights.  Everything is high.  Outside, inside, sideways.  High, high, high.

I’m the guy who used to get dizzy playing Turok on N64.  That had heights.  Jumping from one ledge to the other.  Falling was a pain in Turok.  Assassin’s Creed had heights.  I almost wet my pants playing that game.  My hands are getting sweaty writing about heights.

mirror's edge catalyst video game

Yes, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has heights.  It also has open world exploration.  And a parkour game needs to be open world.  Creativity is a huge part of freestyle parkour.  Yep, I’m a parkour expert – me and my one parkour experience.

What Mirror’s Edge Catalyst doesn’t have are guns.  There’s running, kicking and other melee goodness, but no guns.  Which is good.  Parkour is about closing-in and trampling your foe up-close and personal.  Can’t hang back and snipe.  Use your environment, use speed, and git on up there!

The game also has multiplayer features though no live co-op or side-by-side action.  You play your game and later the other dude plays theirs.  You also play hide-and-seek: hide stuff and your opponent has to find it.

All good, but really, the game is parkour.  And whether or not you like heights, the game will get your blood pumping.  So parkour now and get Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: