Dangerous Golf — The Party Game of the Year?

By | May 31, 2016

Golf is boring.  How do you make it less boring?  Blow stuff up, destroy expensive art, cause mayhem.  Make it dangerous.

Yep, Dangerous Golf is a game for those who find golf boring but want to play it.  (Huh?)

I’m going to love Dangerous Golf.  Just the name alone is awesome.  But here, see for yourself:

Where are these golf courses?  The rule is find the most destructible of places.  A china shop, for example.  Or a rich dude’s dining room.  Places where each stroke yields a “Whoaaaa!!!” and a “Take that, you rich @#$^!”

I would love to play a round in Kobe Bryant’s trophy room (I’m definitely NOT a Lakers fan.  Go Dubs!).

dangerous golf video game

Break out the bubbly, it’s tee-party time!

The objective is to not only sink the ball in the hole, but do it in style.  Plant bombs, glue up, teleport room to room, and destroy as much as you can.  You gain cash for doing it right, or lose cash for failing to sink.

So just like Battleship, destroy and sink.

There’s also a party mode for 8 players because this is totally a party game.  Yeah, drink beers and sink holes.  The good life.

Dangerous Golf will be a classic.

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