Shadow of the Beast — Side-scrolling Beastmode?

By | May 20, 2016

Shadow of the Beast is back, a redux of the 1989 cult classic.  It’s definitely a remake but not quite a “re-imagining”.  In fact, just like the original, it’s a side-scroller, which leaves me crying….


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The game’s story is one of the most intriguing.  An evil mage essentially creates a beast, Aarbron, to do all his dirty work.  Mainly, it’s a killing machine.  But once freed, he goes on an adventure, probably a little soul searching, coming-of-age to go from beast to “beauty-inside”.  That’s a concept worthy of a movie let alone a video game.

shadow of the beast video game

But here’s a lost opportunity….

Like a caged animal in the open for the first time, he’s left to explore, find his own way for the first time.  Even the most trivial things are wonders to him.  The sunset, the insects on the ground, every little thing he couldn’t have noticed before….

Doesn’t this scream Open World?

But alas, it’s a side-scroller.  Beast!!!

I bet the original developers in 1989 would have made this into an open world epic adventure had they the technology.  But back then, it was still like a decade away from the N64 Mario/Zelda and all the other pioneers of open world action.  So, they made an awesome side-scroller.

It’s 2016, a remake of the game, and it’s a side-scroller.


A lost opportunity for sure, but it still looks good.

Buy the game and decide for yourself:

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