Civilization 6 Announcement Trailer — Is it the best Civilization game of all time?

By | May 12, 2016

Civilization VI is out in October and the official announcement trailer shows us…the same Civilization we’ve all loved for decades.

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Growth, innovation, development…the trailer could be about any of the previous games in the Civilization family.

And of course, the trailer is all about the positives of human civilization.  Of course, anyone who has played the games knows it’s as much about destruction as creation.  Actually I would argue it’s more about death than life.

civilization 6 video game

You build, innovate, expand, and advance technologically in order to conquer others.  Even if you initially employ a growth and development strategy, at some point, you’ll be swinging the sword.  Because tragedy of the commons happens.  Because your neighbors are greedy.  Because your land borders the land of someone else.  It always leads to blood.

That’s why this game is awesome.  It eventually mirrors the dirt and blood-stained hands of human history.

The game’s concept will and should never change.  But the question I have every time a new Civ comes out is how good is the AI?  How will the AI adapt to changing situations?  How creative is it at diplomacy and military strategy?

When the AI mirrors human nature in its adaptability and creativity, then I will know that THE BEST Civilization game has arrived.

Civilization VI looks attractive and promising.  We’ll see how human it really is.

The turn-based strategy game is coming to PC on October 21, 2016.

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