Doom 2016 — No Permadeath for Doom

By | May 3, 2016

Doom was originally called Doom 4, but after 12 years of Doom-less-ness, it’s just Doom again.  Doom 3 came out in 2004.  Yep, 2004…way back when the Red Sox winning the World Series seemed like a sick joke.  2004…before Facebook and YouTube and Twitter.  Yep, the good old days.

Finally, Doom is back, and it’s badder than ever before.  Or it’s supposed to be.  To find out, order it now on Amazon:

Doom was the Alpha-Male of FPSs.  Again, back in the day.  In 2004, Call of Duty, Battlefield and even the Medal of Honor series were all vying for the FPS pie.  Just ten years earlier, Doom had it to themselves.  But what happened?

Nope, not the ravaging evil forces of hell.  People, man, just people.  Couldn’t get Doom 4 right.  They kept going back and forth in development.  Bad reviews and boring-dom.  Next thing you know, 12 years.

But it’s here now, and what are the selling points?

Fast moving gameplay.  Can’t hide behind walls.  Keep moving and blasting for health.

Intense melee action including the melee execution system to take down your foes in style.

Permadeath.  Yes, permadeath.  In the ultra-nightmare difficulty only, but still, it’s permadeath.  The game’s supposed to take 13 hours to complete, so permadeath might mean lots and lots of hours burnt away in hell.

After 12 years, game’s gotta be good. Nope, no permadeath for this old soldier.

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