Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer — Another Year, Another CoD for Christmas….

By | May 2, 2016

The Call of Duty series have become sports games.  There’s a new one every year.  They might as well start naming them by year, CoD ’16, CoD ’17….

The latest, out in November, is aptly titled, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.  Yes, it does feel infinite, the never-ending war of the FPSs and the studios that publish regurgitated, derivative, half-baked releases every year before Christmas.

And derivative is the word that best captures Infinite Warfare, based on the reveal trailer.  Halo, Titanfall, Gears of War, and a few others come to mind.

Continuing into the future, Infinite Warfare has us battling the evils of the Settlement Defense Front.  Yes, the Settlement Defense Front – I’m scared!

Based on the name, I’m guessing they’re like militia – the rebelling colonies, maybe, against their oppressive imperialists.  Somehow, I feel like I’m on the wrong side, already.  The last time I heard SDF was Robotech, which I loved, so maybe the name ain’t all bad.

More new stuff from the trailer?

Dog fights in space.

No, I don’t mean Riley hunting down a Chihuahua.  I mean, like Starfox and Star Wars.  You’re in a fighter blasting other fighters into oblivion.

call of duty infinite warfare

Dog fights in space

Another “new” stuff?


And they look like every Mech you’ve ever seen going back to Robotech and Battletech and Titanfall….

call of duty infinite warfare

CoD mechs look like mechs from…everywhere else!

Come on, CoD, you are CoD!  Challenge yourself! Have some pride in your name! Yep, I’ll say it: answer the call of duty to make a better FPS!

What’s the concept for 2017?  More of the same future?

Sometimes, it’s not bad to go back to the past.  Yes, that’s right.  WW2.  Please!

call of duty infinite warfare

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