Ghostbusters 2016 Video Game — I see dead…tie-in?

By | April 26, 2016

Tie-in games are a marketing-must these days.  Even when they’re terrible.   Yep, remember Godzilla?

The Ghostbusters redux is out in theater on July 15.  The movie’s tie-in game comes out three days earlier.  Like John paving the way for Jesus, the game will surely inspire peoples of the world to watch the movie.

Or maybe not.

The announce trailer gives us Slimer.  We also see zombies-ghosts and other aberrations to fry and box.

The gameplay appears to be squad-tactical.  Spacing and position your busters, then Proton-Pack the ghouls to submission.  Is that it?

What would make this game more than just a marketing add-on?

Here’s the checklist:

1) Collectible ghosts, like Pokemon.  Find the ghost, bag it, add it to your collection.  Yeah, laugh away, but you know you’ll spend hours looking for that rare ghost.

2) More than Proton Packs.  More gadgets and cool weapons, the better.

3) Highly customizable characters.  Like Fallout, for example.

4) Open World.  Yes, New York is alive with ghosts.  Let’s look under every trash can, inside every taxi cab.

5) Killer bosses.  Yes, more Marshmallow!!!

Game’s out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on July 12, 2016.

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