Gears of War 4 Tomorrow Trailer — Survive in the Wind

By | April 12, 2016

Gears of War 4 won’t be out until October 2016, but the hype has started.

The Tomorrow trailer shows us the passing of the torch – or in this case, machine gun – from father to son.

GoW 4 takes place 25 years after GoW 3.  The hero in this one is Marcus Fenix’s son, JD.  The trailer shows us father and son in the happy days of youth.  Dad plants a tree and carves his kid’s initials on it.  We jump 25 years and the same tree is uprooted, and The Swarm are hunting down JDF, whose too busy blasting to realize it’s his father’s tree.

Some of the new weapons of GoW4 include the combat knife (they didn’t have the combat knife 25 years ago?), and the Dropshot, good for finishing off baddies with style.

Some of the new features include charging the enemy (like an NFL running back vs linebackers), and pulling bad guys from cover (why not just shoot them instead of pulling them out of cover?).

More than anything, I’m looking forward to weather.  The setting is a planet whose climate has been significantly affected by the wars waged on it.  There are major windstorms.  In the game, the wind can be anything from a breeze to violent storms that affect battles.

The trailer shows us the wind and storms raging on this planet as the battle for survival wages on.  How do you adapt to such a world?  How will it affect mechanics and weaponry?  Or even a warrior’s psyche?

Definitely, learn to fight in the wind is the key to survival.

The Coalition’s third-person shooter is due out October 11, 2016 exclusively on Xbox One.

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