Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer — Try not to be a hero because heroes get whacked

By | April 11, 2016

The marketing blitz has begun for Titanfall 2.  The new teaser trailer shows us….

Not a whole lot.

But that’s what a teaser is supposed to do, right?  Whet our appetite, let the juices flow, but not too much until the game is released….

No, not even that.  Get us uppity-up until the next trailer pops up on YouTube.

And the next trailer will be the gameplay trailer, which is ultimately what gamers want.  We know the marketing and motion graphics dudes can whip out an enticing cinematic, but how does the game look?  What are the new features?

Unlike Halo and Overwatch, Titanfall’s marketing seems to be all trailers, and no episodic shorts or movies.  But they’re starting early.

It’s April 11.  The gameplay will be out two months later on June 12.  The game is supposed to come out sometime this year.

So what do we get from the teaser trailer?

An alien planet with some badger-looking animal lurking in the jungle.  A crash-landed pod.  Some mech approaches it with a big machete.  Danger, folks.  Yep, lots of danger.

The narrator, some pirate-sounding lad, says something like don’t be a hero because heroes get killed.  More danger, especially if you’re a hero.  So, don’t be a hero!

Eagerly waiting for gameplay trailer…two months….  I’ll do some mediating until then, try not to be a hero.


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This is what happens to heroes….

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