Monthly Archives: March 2016

Broforce Launch Trailer – Bros before Heroes

Some games are better played drunk. Broforce will be one of them. Developer Digital’s side-scrolling run-and-gun platformer is finally here, and based on the launch trailer, looks like a retro-riot of a good time. Get the booze, the headband, mousse, and head over to Ricky’s basement for an all-nighter of Bromancing via Broforce with the… Read More »

Tom Clancy’s The Division Launch Trailer — The Big Apple-calypse is HERE!

And the Apocalypse is NYC. World has gone mad. No food and water. Chaos. It’s basic instinct Darwinism where the bigger gun always wins. Tom Clancy’s The Division is here. And if the game is anything like its launch trailer, it is going to rock. Buy Tom Clancy’s The Division: The trailer shows us something… Read More »

Fishing Break Review — The best fishing F2P ever made?

Game Experience: High Game Value: High Total Score: 100% Quiche’s Recommendation: Free fishing?  What are you waiting for?  Download now!   Nothing beats fishing, even if it’s on your phone. Relax, cast, reel in a whopper. Roofdog Games’s Fishing Break is the best new F2P this year. It’s got everything a solid F2P should have:… Read More »