Warcraft Movie Trailer — Where are the Koreans?

By | March 24, 2016

Koreans kill at Warcraft.  So where are they?

Based on the new trailer for the new “Warcraft” movie, they ain’t nowhere to be found.

We all know Koreans are really good at anything Blizzard spits out.  Yep, Koreans are really extremely effin good at video games.  I mean look at this guy’s APM (Actions Per Minute):

That’s right, Koreans are really good at video games.  Still don’t believe me?  Check out the history of Korean domination.

And gaming is HUGE in Korea…as an E-Sport.  They’ve got majors at major universities.  Endorsement deals.  Fan clubs.  It’s a super-popular, no-joke, no-fat-guy-in-basement big deal.

And top players get the chicks, too.

Like Guillaume Patry and his girl, a B-level celebrity.

Pro gamer, Guillaume Patry, and his girl, Song Ji Hun

Pro gamer, Guillaume Patry, and his girl, Song Ji Hun

Okay, he’s not Korean, but he lives in Korea and has a Korean girlfriend.  Korean enough.

Point is, if you’re doing a Warcraft movie, do a little fan service and put a Korean in there.  It’s okay if you have a Korean barbarian because Warcraft isn’t historical fiction.  It’s fiction!  It’s fantasy.

He don’t need to be eating kimchi.  He don’t need to be taking selfies flashing victory signs.  He can be a barbarian in every stereotypical, Schwarzenegger way…just that he’s Korean.

Yeah, put a Korean guy in there.  Cater to the fans.  Hit that market hard.  It’s only common sense.

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