MLB The Show 16 — New Season, New Features — it’s Showtime!

By | March 22, 2016

It’s not easy coming up with new features for baseball games.  I remember playing “Hardball” on my PC – one game, same players each time.  No stats, no major league teams or players.  Yeah, I had a tough childhood.

Few years later, games started to have real players and hallelujah, the most desired feature was finally introduced – season mode!  Yes, the only feature you really need.  162 games and the World Series.

Don’t need anything else.

Each new season a new game comes out and everyone takes stabs at new features.  Some are OK, many are foul outs.

MLB The Show 16, out on March 29, has some interesting new features.

The most interesting is “Showtime”.  It’s basically slow motion, but during gameplay.  You do enough stuff, you earn perks to “buy” it, which is like a super-power ability to slow down time.

Going after that line drive?  Showtime it!  Stealing second base?  Showtime it!  Flipping your bat after a deep one?  Showtime it!  Yep, that’ll make pitchers happy.

Okay, maybe not the last one, but you get the idea.  Is it a great feature?  I don’t know.  Baseball’s slow enough as is.  Why slow it down even more?

Buy MLB The Show 16 here (PS4):

There’s also a more robust and dynamic online mode, Battle Royale.  The feature has you build a team to battle other players in tournaments.  Winning earns you key cards.

Conquest Mode has you competing for fans, just like politicians wooing voters.

The game’s added more swings, dives and other moves.  Including more unique home-run celebrations.  So much for the unwritten rules of baseball.

Baseball games have been a staple in my household.  Is this the one to get this year?  Definitely sounds like it.

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