Resident Evil 6 Re-release (Xbox One & Playstation 4) — Kill ’em all…again…for only $19.99!

By | March 21, 2016

If you’re a purist Resident Evil fan, #6 was probably a bit weird.  Going back to the original, Resident Evil was always about survival.  Not a lot of bullets.  Lots more brain and luck to get through the night.  But then 6 comes along, and you gotta shelve the thinking, and git blasting.

The third-person shooter is back.  Originally released in 2012, Resident Evil 6 is out on PS4 and Xbox One on March 29, 2016.

Get it here for $19.99:

Regardless of what genre you prefer, Resident Evil 6 is a good game.  The art is fantastic and the creature design is top-notch.

More than anything, the multiplayer modes are the big sell with 6.  The Agent Hunt mode allows a player to control any random enemy in another player’s game.  That was wild.  You’re playing dumb AIs and then all of a sudden, some ringer is whacking away at you.

resident evil 6 video game

There’s also Mercenaries mode – basically work together to kill hordes of bad guys.

You also have to work together with your partner to cover and accomplish tasks.  Some of it was ok, others not so great, but the game overall was highly engaging.

The multiple storylines – interconnected and playable – kept things interesting for a long time.

The re-release includes all DLCs and it’s only $19.99.  So get it now!

resident evil 6 video game

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