God Caster on Gamekicker — Ain’t no atheists at the…card table

By | March 15, 2016

You don’t have to be religious to solicit the help of gods…and mythical creatures.  You’ll need them to succeed in God Caster.

Developer Maxmuses Studio’s new trading card game is currently on the crowd-funding platform, Gamekicker, and it looks like a good one.

It has all the features we love in card games: strategy, upgrading, collectibles, and a variety of multiplayer game modes.

god caster video game

But here’s what sets this one apart: active and dynamic game play. There are no turns. You don’t have to wait…and wait…and wait for the noob opponent to play his hand. No annoying delay tactics, either. Nope, you go at it the same time. Battle it out without the wait.

You also have to collect souls. Yes, the more souls you collect, the better your advantage. So, collect those souls before your opponent does.

But here’s what I really LOVE about this game:

God Caster promotes World Peace. Yes, that’s right. World Peace!

The game’s “concept is about sharing culture”. The gods and creatures from many cultures are represented. You can be in South Africa playing with a god from Korea.

Maxmuses also claims God Caster is “the first card game with more humanity”. More humanity than what? Grand Theft Auto? To me, humanity is feeding the poor and saving babies from genocide, not defeating your opponent in a card match.

god caster video game

Their idea of humanity is using the word “kicked” instead of “killed”, and when a nature monster is “kicked”, the game will say “save the green”. All good!

Yes, world peace through casting culturally-diverse gods to win card games. That could happen. For real.

Support this game, and save humanity!

god caster video game

god caster video game

god caster video game

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