EA Sports UFC 2 — Fight for Your Right to Fight…and Grapple

By | March 14, 2016

Fans fought the good fight and they got what they wanted. The whiners have whined and the whine-whisperers have whispered.

One of the changes to EA’s new UFC game was a direct response to player feedback. The grappling system is improved and makes it easier for even the casual gamer to get it on.

Fans also wanted more game modes. More ways to feel good about beating people up. More customization. More rewards. More fight to the fight. So there are now 5 new modes including Event Creator, Title Chase, and practice mode.

EA Sports UFC 2 has got it all, and the whiners no longer have things to whine about…until they find the next thing to whine about.

The game also has women fighters.

It’s out March 15, buy it here:

Some of the other new features include:

Improved “Knockout Physics”, which means knocking out a dude is more real, which means it’s more satisfying to finish him off.

In a fantasy RPG, there’s chain-lighting. In UFC, there’s chain submissions. Hook and clinch standing up, go straight to submission and grappling.

Use your head…to dodge. There’s better head movement so it’s easier to avoid noggin-knockin’.

Can’t go wrong with EA Sports UFC 2. Now with all the whining agenda items crossed off, it’s even easier for the casual gamer to do some whack-a-mole on your opponents.

Also, go for the deluxe edition:

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