Sherlock Holmes Devil’s Daughter Mystic Trip Trailer — She’s scary and out to get you, she’s the Devil’s Daughter, man!

By | March 10, 2016

Sherlock Holmes has battled some of the most villainous villains. But he has never battled the biggest evil of all. No, I’m not talking about the Devil. Much worse than that.

It’s the Devil’s Daughter!

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter is out on May 27th and based on the latest trailer, it’ll be a wild supernatural journey. Or a trip, as in Mystic Trip:

The Devil’s daughter is scary and sure enough, the trailer gives us some of the game’s key horror-flick moments.

At the beginning of the trailer, Mr. Holmes opens his front door to see a little girl.  He’s been drinking, but the powers of foreshadowing tells us he’s in for a ride, and it ain’t the kind that’s liquor-induced.

The girl, suitcase in hand, is just standing there staring at him, and as strange as the girl itself, Holmes shrugs it off as nothing — I guess back in the day, a strange little girl standing in front of his house staring at him is no big deal.

He’s about to go back to his drinking when he sees scary-movie stuff.  For instance:

1) Scary-looking doll. Check!

2) Weird blood-like stain. Check!

3) Moth-themed accessory. Check!

sherlock holmes devil's daughter video game


And then she takes off. Holmes goes after and more scary-movie stuff:

4) Swarm of moths. Check!

5) Major sink-hole problem. Check!

6) Strange black shadows. Check!

7) Bloody goat head. Check!

8) Pentagram. Check!

9) Old Lady Ghost in Black. Check!

10) Black liquids that burn stuff. Check!

11) Black clouds. Check!

Check, check, check!

Yep, this will be a scary one. Will Holmes figure this one out? Once again, it’s not just the Devil. It’s his DAUGHTER, man!


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