Hitman 2016 — Kill, assassinate, whack, hit…episodically!

By | March 9, 2016

Agent 47 is back. And he’s got more hit than ever before. Our favorite genetically-enhanced killing machine is out for more bounty. And he’s got a bigger world with more NPCs than ever before.

Hitman will be released in episodic format starting March 11, 2016 to Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

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The third-person stealth game once again asks you to exercise your creativity in taking out your targets. Sniper rifle is preferred whenever there’s room for it. Stealth and disguise are also tricks of the trade. Sneak up, slice away with garrote wire.

Your performance in missions will bring rewards like special gadgets. So, do things fast, cut down on collateral damage, be an efficient killer and it’s a win-win situation for you and your employer. Not so win-win for the poor dude who gets whacked. But I’m sure he deserved to get whacked. Yes, of course he did.

hitman video game

NPCs are also key. There are about 300 per each level. Everyone is intelligent. They do their own thing and react differently to what you do. Can’t spell Hitman without AI.

What’s missing in Hitman is multiplayer. Why wouldn’t you have multiplayer in an assassination game? I’m tired of FPSs that reward running around, unloading clips like Rambo. Let’s have more MMO that rewards stealth and patience. It’s OK for games to be 30-minutes long. It really is….

Anyway, Hitman sounds like a top-notch stealth game. Pick it up and start hitting!

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