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R.B.I. Baseball 16 — This ain’t your grandpa’s baseball game…or maybe it is…

It’s baseball season!

This week we had MLB The Show 16 in all its glory.  Now we’ve got R.B.I. Baseball 16 (buy it below).

The Show has all its flashy new features going for it.  R.B.I. Baseball 16 has all its flashy…




R.B.I. Baseball

R.B.I. Baseball…1986

That’s right, it’s THE R.B.I. Baseball.  The one that debuted in 1986 on the NES.  The one with the young Mark McGwire hitting bombs off Nolan Ryan.  Yes, it was the first game to have real MLB players (though no MLB teams yet).

Based on what we’ve seen so far, good memories may be the only real reason to buy this game.  It boasts new moves and enhanced graphics, but the gameplay trailer screams PS2.  Batters still slide around the box like the 1990s.

But again, it is R.B.I. Baseball and not R.I.P. Baseball.  Still ticking after 30 years in the biz.  Who needs innovation when there’s longevity and old-school charm?

It’s always been arcade style and that’s what it’s sticking with, it seems.  That’s a workable business plan.

Get it here:

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Heads or Tails Trailer — Wife or Fun? Tough choice….

It’s been over two years since the first teaser trailer introduced us to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.  Now it’s finally here.


The game’s out May 10, 2016 and based on the latest trailer, “Heads or Tails”, it was worth the wait.

Here’s the story.  Nate’s retired, married, and living the quiet life.  Then his bro, Sam, who everyone thought dead, shows up.  Sam needs help.  Nate breaks from his normal life, and his lovely wife, Elena, to go globe-trotting once again.  My wife would leave me if I did that, but bros before…wives, I guess.

The trailer shows us how his world gets turned upside down, literally.  It also shows us that this action-adventure 3rd person shooter will indeed have action and adventure, and a whole lotta shooting.

We see Nate in an archaeological shootout.  We see him shooting from a boat.  We see him on a fun jeep ride and a motorbike ride.  Fun, fun, fun!

Why live a normal married life when you can have so much fun with the bros?

Not all of us have that luxury, but we can live our fantasies through Nate Drake come May.  Do it, and don’t tell you wife.

Buy it here:

Warcraft Movie Trailer — Where are the Koreans?

Koreans kill at Warcraft.  So where are they?

Based on the new trailer for the new “Warcraft” movie, they ain’t nowhere to be found.

We all know Koreans are really good at anything Blizzard spits out.  Yep, Koreans are really extremely effin good at video games.  I mean look at this guy’s APM (Actions Per Minute):

That’s right, Koreans are really good at video games.  Still don’t believe me?  Check out the history of Korean domination.

And gaming is HUGE in Korea…as an E-Sport.  They’ve got majors at major universities.  Endorsement deals.  Fan clubs.  It’s a super-popular, no-joke, no-fat-guy-in-basement big deal.

And top players get the chicks, too.

Like Guillaume Patry and his girl, a B-level celebrity.

Pro gamer, Guillaume Patry, and his girl, Song Ji Hun

Pro gamer, Guillaume Patry, and his girl, Song Ji Hun

Okay, he’s not Korean, but he lives in Korea and has a Korean girlfriend.  Korean enough.

Point is, if you’re doing a Warcraft movie, do a little fan service and put a Korean in there.  It’s okay if you have a Korean barbarian because Warcraft isn’t historical fiction.  It’s fiction!  It’s fantasy.

He don’t need to be eating kimchi.  He don’t need to be taking selfies flashing victory signs.  He can be a barbarian in every stereotypical, Schwarzenegger way…just that he’s Korean.

Yeah, put a Korean guy in there.  Cater to the fans.  Hit that market hard.  It’s only common sense.

MLB The Show 16 — New Season, New Features — it’s Showtime!

It’s not easy coming up with new features for baseball games.  I remember playing “Hardball” on my PC – one game, same players each time.  No stats, no major league teams or players.  Yeah, I had a tough childhood.

Few years later, games started to have real players and hallelujah, the most desired feature was finally introduced – season mode!  Yes, the only feature you really need.  162 games and the World Series.

Don’t need anything else.

Each new season a new game comes out and everyone takes stabs at new features.  Some are OK, many are foul outs.

MLB The Show 16, out on March 29, has some interesting new features.

The most interesting is “Showtime”.  It’s basically slow motion, but during gameplay.  You do enough stuff, you earn perks to “buy” it, which is like a super-power ability to slow down time.

Going after that line drive?  Showtime it!  Stealing second base?  Showtime it!  Flipping your bat after a deep one?  Showtime it!  Yep, that’ll make pitchers happy.

Okay, maybe not the last one, but you get the idea.  Is it a great feature?  I don’t know.  Baseball’s slow enough as is.  Why slow it down even more?

Buy MLB The Show 16 here (PS4):

There’s also a more robust and dynamic online mode, Battle Royale.  The feature has you build a team to battle other players in tournaments.  Winning earns you key cards.

Conquest Mode has you competing for fans, just like politicians wooing voters.

The game’s added more swings, dives and other moves.  Including more unique home-run celebrations.  So much for the unwritten rules of baseball.

Baseball games have been a staple in my household.  Is this the one to get this year?  Definitely sounds like it.

Resident Evil 6 Re-release (Xbox One & Playstation 4) — Kill ’em all…again…for only $19.99!

If you’re a purist Resident Evil fan, #6 was probably a bit weird.  Going back to the original, Resident Evil was always about survival.  Not a lot of bullets.  Lots more brain and luck to get through the night.  But then 6 comes along, and you gotta shelve the thinking, and git blasting.

The third-person shooter is back.  Originally released in 2012, Resident Evil 6 is out on PS4 and Xbox One on March 29, 2016.

Get it here for $19.99:

Regardless of what genre you prefer, Resident Evil 6 is a good game.  The art is fantastic and the creature design is top-notch.

More than anything, the multiplayer modes are the big sell with 6.  The Agent Hunt mode allows a player to control any random enemy in another player’s game.  That was wild.  You’re playing dumb AIs and then all of a sudden, some ringer is whacking away at you.

resident evil 6 video game

There’s also Mercenaries mode – basically work together to kill hordes of bad guys.

You also have to work together with your partner to cover and accomplish tasks.  Some of it was ok, others not so great, but the game overall was highly engaging.

The multiple storylines – interconnected and playable – kept things interesting for a long time.

The re-release includes all DLCs and it’s only $19.99.  So get it now!

resident evil 6 video game

God Caster on Gamekicker — Ain’t no atheists at the…card table

You don’t have to be religious to solicit the help of gods…and mythical creatures.  You’ll need them to succeed in God Caster.

Developer Maxmuses Studio’s new trading card game is currently on the crowd-funding platform, Gamekicker, and it looks like a good one.

It has all the features we love in card games: strategy, upgrading, collectibles, and a variety of multiplayer game modes.

god caster video game

But here’s what sets this one apart: active and dynamic game play. There are no turns. You don’t have to wait…and wait…and wait for the noob opponent to play his hand. No annoying delay tactics, either. Nope, you go at it the same time. Battle it out without the wait.

You also have to collect souls. Yes, the more souls you collect, the better your advantage. So, collect those souls before your opponent does.

But here’s what I really LOVE about this game:

God Caster promotes World Peace. Yes, that’s right. World Peace!

The game’s “concept is about sharing culture”. The gods and creatures from many cultures are represented. You can be in South Africa playing with a god from Korea.

Maxmuses also claims God Caster is “the first card game with more humanity”. More humanity than what? Grand Theft Auto? To me, humanity is feeding the poor and saving babies from genocide, not defeating your opponent in a card match.

god caster video game

Their idea of humanity is using the word “kicked” instead of “killed”, and when a nature monster is “kicked”, the game will say “save the green”. All good!

Yes, world peace through casting culturally-diverse gods to win card games. That could happen. For real.

Support this game, and save humanity!

god caster video game

god caster video game

god caster video game

EA Sports UFC 2 — Fight for Your Right to Fight…and Grapple

Fans fought the good fight and they got what they wanted. The whiners have whined and the whine-whisperers have whispered.

One of the changes to EA’s new UFC game was a direct response to player feedback. The grappling system is improved and makes it easier for even the casual gamer to get it on.

Fans also wanted more game modes. More ways to feel good about beating people up. More customization. More rewards. More fight to the fight. So there are now 5 new modes including Event Creator, Title Chase, and practice mode.

EA Sports UFC 2 has got it all, and the whiners no longer have things to whine about…until they find the next thing to whine about.

The game also has women fighters.

It’s out March 15, buy it here:

Some of the other new features include:

Improved “Knockout Physics”, which means knocking out a dude is more real, which means it’s more satisfying to finish him off.

In a fantasy RPG, there’s chain-lighting. In UFC, there’s chain submissions. Hook and clinch standing up, go straight to submission and grappling.

Use your head…to dodge. There’s better head movement so it’s easier to avoid noggin-knockin’.

Can’t go wrong with EA Sports UFC 2. Now with all the whining agenda items crossed off, it’s even easier for the casual gamer to do some whack-a-mole on your opponents.

Also, go for the deluxe edition:

Sherlock Holmes Devil’s Daughter Mystic Trip Trailer — She’s scary and out to get you, she’s the Devil’s Daughter, man!

Sherlock Holmes has battled some of the most villainous villains. But he has never battled the biggest evil of all. No, I’m not talking about the Devil. Much worse than that.

It’s the Devil’s Daughter!

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter is out on May 27th and based on the latest trailer, it’ll be a wild supernatural journey. Or a trip, as in Mystic Trip:

The Devil’s daughter is scary and sure enough, the trailer gives us some of the game’s key horror-flick moments.

At the beginning of the trailer, Mr. Holmes opens his front door to see a little girl.  He’s been drinking, but the powers of foreshadowing tells us he’s in for a ride, and it ain’t the kind that’s liquor-induced.

The girl, suitcase in hand, is just standing there staring at him, and as strange as the girl itself, Holmes shrugs it off as nothing — I guess back in the day, a strange little girl standing in front of his house staring at him is no big deal.

He’s about to go back to his drinking when he sees scary-movie stuff.  For instance:

1) Scary-looking doll. Check!

2) Weird blood-like stain. Check!

3) Moth-themed accessory. Check!

sherlock holmes devil's daughter video game


And then she takes off. Holmes goes after and more scary-movie stuff:

4) Swarm of moths. Check!

5) Major sink-hole problem. Check!

6) Strange black shadows. Check!

7) Bloody goat head. Check!

8) Pentagram. Check!

9) Old Lady Ghost in Black. Check!

10) Black liquids that burn stuff. Check!

11) Black clouds. Check!

Check, check, check!

Yep, this will be a scary one. Will Holmes figure this one out? Once again, it’s not just the Devil. It’s his DAUGHTER, man!


Hitman 2016 — Kill, assassinate, whack, hit…episodically!

Agent 47 is back. And he’s got more hit than ever before. Our favorite genetically-enhanced killing machine is out for more bounty. And he’s got a bigger world with more NPCs than ever before.

Hitman will be released in episodic format starting March 11, 2016 to Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

Buy the collector’s edition here:

The third-person stealth game once again asks you to exercise your creativity in taking out your targets. Sniper rifle is preferred whenever there’s room for it. Stealth and disguise are also tricks of the trade. Sneak up, slice away with garrote wire.

Your performance in missions will bring rewards like special gadgets. So, do things fast, cut down on collateral damage, be an efficient killer and it’s a win-win situation for you and your employer. Not so win-win for the poor dude who gets whacked. But I’m sure he deserved to get whacked. Yes, of course he did.

hitman video game

NPCs are also key. There are about 300 per each level. Everyone is intelligent. They do their own thing and react differently to what you do. Can’t spell Hitman without AI.

What’s missing in Hitman is multiplayer. Why wouldn’t you have multiplayer in an assassination game? I’m tired of FPSs that reward running around, unloading clips like Rambo. Let’s have more MMO that rewards stealth and patience. It’s OK for games to be 30-minutes long. It really is….

Anyway, Hitman sounds like a top-notch stealth game. Pick it up and start hitting!

Casey Powell Lacrosse 16 — Lacrosse is here!

Lacrosse is one of those games that are tough to watch but fun to play. At least it looks fun to play. I’ve never actually played lacrosse. Too many other sports in Southern California. I probably also wasn’t elite enough.

So Casey Powell Lacrosse 16 is the game for dudes like me. Big Ant Studios and Crosse Studios’s awesome new simulator puts you right in the action. It’s out March 9, 2016 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Lacrosse is all about scoring. Dozens of goals per game. If you don’t know anything about it, check out the trailer above.

casey powell lacrosse video game

It’s basically stick with net, ball, goal – throw ball in goal with stick with net. Easy.

Like hockey, there are stick checks, passing, face-offs, brawls. Like soccer or football, there’s a huge field with goal on each side, and brawls. So, basically a fusion sport. It’s hard to watch, even on TV, because that ball is tiny and it moves fast. All I usually see are guys running around, swinging their sticks and then the net moves and everyone celebrates.

I’m sure there are some cool strategies involved but I’ll probably never know because I don’t watch the game or play it.

So, thank God for Casey Powell Lacrosse 16!

casey powell lacrosse video game