AdVentures Capitalist — 2 things that would make this game awesome

By | February 29, 2016

AdVentures Capitalist is all about passive income. You buy businesses, hire managers, go away, come back and you’re rich!

Okay, not quite, but I’m sure that’s what Kongregate was hoping for when they made F2P. Develop, publish and then swim in the cash generated from in-app purchases.

AdVentures Capitalist has been out for a year now and I finally got around to it. A week has gone by, I’ve read through the forums, the reviews, the YouTube videos, and I’m still looking for the “real” objective. Is it all about just making money? If it was real money, then of course, it’s sweetness to find a trillion dollars waiting for you after nap time. But alas, it’s just numbers….

adventures capitalist video game

Basically, this is the game:

1) Buy businesses. Starts with a lemonade stand then donut shops, and then to more capital-intensive businesses like oil companies.

2) Collect profits. You have to manually monitor each business until you can afford managers, which makes collection automatic.

3) Unlock upgrades. Certain milestones, like buying 100 lemonade stands, will unlock perks like faster profits.

4) Collect Angel Investors (AI). AI will allow you to unlock more upgrades and other perks, which speeds up cash flow. The kicker is that your game will reset when you acquire AI unless you pay real moolah.

5) There’s some other things like going to the moon and buying a new suit for your character, etc, but the BIG objective, as far as I know, is to make cash. Lots and lots of cash. That’s it…

adventures capitalist video game

Again, this is an F2P with in-app purchases. So, in order to make cash faster, you can spend real money to buy gold, which are used to unlock unlockable items and speed up the game.

Yes, you read that right. To make fake cash faster, you need to spend real cash….


This would be a con-job in real life. But it’s okay because this is a game, and there is an ROI. The return is the value you receive when you open the game and you see trillions and quadrillion of FAKE money. Oh, yeah!!!

adventures capitalist video game

Too many other F2Ps to try out. This game will be deleted. HOWEVER, there are a couple of things that could make this game not-so-easily-delete-able.

1) Hostile Takeover

Make the game into a Monopoly/RISK hybrid. You fight for territory not with muskets and cannons, but with the mighty dollar. A purpose for making the cash. Use it to gobble up weaker businesses and conquer their market share.

2) RPG element

Add more things to buy, and what you buy results in the type of person you become. Spend your disposable income on fast cars, hot women, and lavish vacations. Or to find a cure for cancer. Or snort every cent of it. Whatever you decide, your actions earn “points” and a reputation, which is shared and broadcast in the AdVentures community for everyone to judge, praise and/or condemn you.

This game is not as addictive as I had read about. Living in Silicon Valley, I would love to play the serial entrepreneur, but Adventures Capitalist just ain’t it.

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