The Flame in the Flood Launch Trailer — The River of Life…is Sad

By | February 24, 2016

The Flame in the Flood could be the saddest game I’ll play. It’s “post-societal” America. In other words, America has gone to the dark ages. Civilization has broken down. Survival is the daily agenda. The first-world problems we face today…gone.

the flame in the flood video game

Scout and her dog, Aesop, in Tom Sawyer and fable-esqe fashion, must cling to the river, drifting, scavenging and crafting what they can to survive. Eat, drink, stay warm, avoid predators…stay alive. And life is precious. There are no do-overs in this game. You die…that’s it.

The launch trailer shows a dark world. Storms, wolves, bears, strange characters who will jump you first chance they get. Is it even worth living? What’s the reward? Yes, definitely, could be a very sad game.

The Flame in the Flood is available now on PC, Mac, and Xbox One.

Check out the game, and buy Chuck Ragan’s soundtrack here:

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