The Culling Announcement Trailer — Battle ON!

By | February 9, 2016

Many enter, only one leaves. That’s the rule of the land. Business, Presidential elections, professional sports, our great land of the free and brave is all about last man standing.

That’s the premise of The Culling, Xaviant’s new online multiplayer coming to Steam, early access on March 8. It’s the “Hunger Games” and “Battle Royale”.  Fight to the death.  Contestants thrown into one place, find ways to kill each other until only one left.

To cull is to send the weak to the slaughter. So if you’re not the fittest, you won’t survive.

In the trailer, there are various ways to achieve a competitive advantage. Like sneaking up from behind and pushing them off a cliff or chain-sawing them.

You also have to make weapons. Could be as simple as sharpening a stick of wood, or something more complex.

Above all, the most interesting way to get an edge is the art of the booby trap. The trailer shows trip wires and sharpened spikes. Ouch!  That would be fun to watch. Set a trap and lure some idiot to it.

The trailer also shows dynamite and explosive arrows, which are not as exciting. The key draw for me will be the creative ways in which we can vanquish the competition. More brains than brawn. If that’s developed to perfection, with numerous variations, this could be the online multiplayer of the year.

Can’t wait to start the culling!

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