Tropico 5 Complete Collection — Dictatorship, now available on Amazon!

By | February 2, 2016

Being a dictator is not all fun and games. But I’m sure it’s still pretty awesome to rule your own paradise island…with an iron fist.

Tropico 5 the Complete Collection is available on Amazon for $31.99. Yep, for under $32.00, you can be top dog.

The Complete Collection includes Tropico 5 plus expansion packs, “Waterborne” and “Espionage”, plus all DLCs. That’s hours and hours of good-ol’ oppression and human rights violations!

But the game isn’t all squashing revolutions. You have to grow your economy if you want to build a dynasty. Trading and innovation is part of the job as El Presidente.

One of the most interesting features of Tropico 5 is The Dynasty. Your family is actually on the island, and nepotism is the game. Appoint them as managers, ambassadors, and other key positions. You might have to whack a few once in a while – Kim Jong-un style – but they’ll keep you safe and alive, albeit at a cost.

One of the finest aspects of Tropico going back to the original was watching an islander grow up from birth to death, often tragically. But that was fun seeing a person’s entire life unfold. In Tropico 5, you can watch your family grow up and become powerful – of course, not too powerful….

Game’s awesome, it’s out, buy it!

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