Monthly Archives: February 2016

AdVentures Capitalist — 2 things that would make this game awesome

AdVentures Capitalist is all about passive income. You buy businesses, hire managers, go away, come back and you’re rich! Okay, not quite, but I’m sure that’s what Kongregate was hoping for when they made F2P. Develop, publish and then swim in the cash generated from in-app purchases. AdVentures Capitalist has been out for a year… Read More »

The Flame in the Flood Launch Trailer — The River of Life…is Sad

The Flame in the Flood could be the saddest game I’ll play. It’s “post-societal” America. In other words, America has gone to the dark ages. Civilization has broken down. Survival is the daily agenda. The first-world problems we face today…gone. Scout and her dog, Aesop, in Tom Sawyer and fable-esqe fashion, must cling to the… Read More »

Need to Know on Kickstarter — Spying has never been so “sexy”

Spies are sexy. They wear tuxes, use cool gadgets, drive fast cars. They drink hard liquor with hot women at exotic places. They don’t sit behind a computer all day reading emails and text messages. Or do they…? The game is Need to Know. And you are a spy, version 2016. You work behind a… Read More »

Video Game Trailers — How to make Video Game Trailers that don’t suck

I watch a ton of video game trailers and there’s nothing more annoying than an annoying video game trailer. Remember, folks, promo videos are supposed to promote the game, not turn people off.  To ensure your video game video doesn’t suck, remember one thing: be SUNNY! Short – keep it as short as possible. Swing… Read More »

Street Fighter V — Nothing like a brawl to bring people together

Street Fighter is one of those cross-generational games that keeps coming back. My grandkids will be street-fighting someday. Best thing is it has stayed true to its original gameplay: side-scrolling, keep punching buttons until meter goes 0. Number 5 in the series will hit the stores on February 16. Buy Street Fighter V here: Most… Read More »

The Culling Announcement Trailer — Battle ON!

Many enter, only one leaves. That’s the rule of the land. Business, Presidential elections, professional sports, our great land of the free and brave is all about last man standing. That’s the premise of The Culling, Xaviant’s new online multiplayer coming to Steam, early access on March 8. It’s the “Hunger Games” and “Battle Royale”. … Read More »