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AdVentures Capitalist — 2 things that would make this game awesome

AdVentures Capitalist is all about passive income. You buy businesses, hire managers, go away, come back and you’re rich!

Okay, not quite, but I’m sure that’s what Kongregate was hoping for when they made F2P. Develop, publish and then swim in the cash generated from in-app purchases.

AdVentures Capitalist has been out for a year now and I finally got around to it. A week has gone by, I’ve read through the forums, the reviews, the YouTube videos, and I’m still looking for the “real” objective. Is it all about just making money? If it was real money, then of course, it’s sweetness to find a trillion dollars waiting for you after nap time. But alas, it’s just numbers….

adventures capitalist video game

Basically, this is the game:

1) Buy businesses. Starts with a lemonade stand then donut shops, and then to more capital-intensive businesses like oil companies.

2) Collect profits. You have to manually monitor each business until you can afford managers, which makes collection automatic.

3) Unlock upgrades. Certain milestones, like buying 100 lemonade stands, will unlock perks like faster profits.

4) Collect Angel Investors (AI). AI will allow you to unlock more upgrades and other perks, which speeds up cash flow. The kicker is that your game will reset when you acquire AI unless you pay real moolah.

5) There’s some other things like going to the moon and buying a new suit for your character, etc, but the BIG objective, as far as I know, is to make cash. Lots and lots of cash. That’s it…

adventures capitalist video game

Again, this is an F2P with in-app purchases. So, in order to make cash faster, you can spend real money to buy gold, which are used to unlock unlockable items and speed up the game.

Yes, you read that right. To make fake cash faster, you need to spend real cash….


This would be a con-job in real life. But it’s okay because this is a game, and there is an ROI. The return is the value you receive when you open the game and you see trillions and quadrillion of FAKE money. Oh, yeah!!!

adventures capitalist video game

Too many other F2Ps to try out. This game will be deleted. HOWEVER, there are a couple of things that could make this game not-so-easily-delete-able.

1) Hostile Takeover

Make the game into a Monopoly/RISK hybrid. You fight for territory not with muskets and cannons, but with the mighty dollar. A purpose for making the cash. Use it to gobble up weaker businesses and conquer their market share.

2) RPG element

Add more things to buy, and what you buy results in the type of person you become. Spend your disposable income on fast cars, hot women, and lavish vacations. Or to find a cure for cancer. Or snort every cent of it. Whatever you decide, your actions earn “points” and a reputation, which is shared and broadcast in the AdVentures community for everyone to judge, praise and/or condemn you.

This game is not as addictive as I had read about. Living in Silicon Valley, I would love to play the serial entrepreneur, but Adventures Capitalist just ain’t it.

Mega Man Legacy Collection — He is the MAN!

Ah, Mega Man. I saw him more as a boy than a man, but he was ALL Mega, in every way. Actually, he wasn’t even a person. An android turned into a battle robot to fight for humans against other robots. Did he have a say in that? Poor Mega Man. He could have lived a quiet, peaceful life of an android. Instead he had to become a deadly kill-all-take-names-later battle bot.

mega man video game

Our favorite pea-shooting robot hero first started his journey in 1987 and since then there have been over 50 games.  The Mega Man Legacy Collection bundles the first 6 of these awesome games into one package, now available on 3DS.

One of the most enduring franchises, Mega Man has been played for three generations now on all platforms imaginable. In addition to 3DS, it’s been energized on all consoles that ever existed, including NES, Sega Genesis, N64, GameCube, even Sega Saturn. Saturn? Yep, there was a game console called Saturn. A car, too.


But not Mega Man. He lives and he thrives. And he’ll be there for our grandkids when they face the evils of Dr. Wily.

Buy Mega Man Legacy Collection here:

And others:

mega man video game

The Flame in the Flood Launch Trailer — The River of Life…is Sad

The Flame in the Flood could be the saddest game I’ll play. It’s “post-societal” America. In other words, America has gone to the dark ages. Civilization has broken down. Survival is the daily agenda. The first-world problems we face today…gone.

the flame in the flood video game

Scout and her dog, Aesop, in Tom Sawyer and fable-esqe fashion, must cling to the river, drifting, scavenging and crafting what they can to survive. Eat, drink, stay warm, avoid predators…stay alive. And life is precious. There are no do-overs in this game. You die…that’s it.

The launch trailer shows a dark world. Storms, wolves, bears, strange characters who will jump you first chance they get. Is it even worth living? What’s the reward? Yes, definitely, could be a very sad game.

The Flame in the Flood is available now on PC, Mac, and Xbox One.

Check out the game, and buy Chuck Ragan’s soundtrack here:

Need to Know on Kickstarter — Spying has never been so “sexy”

Spies are sexy. They wear tuxes, use cool gadgets, drive fast cars. They drink hard liquor with hot women at exotic places.

They don’t sit behind a computer all day reading emails and text messages.

Or do they…?

need to know video game

The game is Need to Know. And you are a spy, version 2016. You work behind a computer all day, munching on donuts, downing gallons of Costco coffee, and the only women you encounter are the evil HR ladies who are probably spying on you.

The enemy is within and not at the crosshairs of a nuclear arsenal. Anyone you hear and see is a potential threat to national security. It’s up to you, donut-muncher, to stop them.

This isn’t MI6 or the CIA or the KGB. It’s the Department of Liberty.

Australian developer, Monomyth Games’ Need to Know is a surveillance sim currently on Kickstarter. It’s already doubled its goal of $20K with 16 days still remaining. Impressive.

need to know video game

Why is this game so fundable?

First, the game is simply complex. Meaning, the goal and objectives are clear, but to get there involves a masterful juggling act.

There’s been a massive terrorist attack and the newly-formed DOL’s job is to weed out those responsible and prevent further attacks. To do so, the government has apparently torn down the walls of personal privacy.

On a personal level, you’re a broke graduate and your first goal is to make money. You hate the job but the more you advance in your career in the agency, the more benefits. Find bad guys, accomplish assignments, make good decisions, and you’ll move up fast. It’s your choice to do it morally…or not. The rewards could be materialistic – fancy house, nice car – or more intrinsic. But you want to succeed, so you spy on.

Gameplay requires sifting through pages of civilian emails, phone calls, text messages, and other encounters to mine out and piece together an incriminating case against the perpetrators. Sounds like boring work…but that’s the life of the 21st century spy.

Nope, no 007 here. No helicopter chases or shootouts, but the game still sounds pretty darn exciting. Can’t wait to see it made.

need to know video game

Top 50 Gaming Blogs – GameQuiche is #32!

This is the golden age of video game blogging.  With so many great games in the market, and new mediums and systems to deliver them, and many more disruptors on the way, there’s much to write about.  To help gamers stay enlightened on all of it, Rebateszone has compiled 50 of the top gaming blogs.

I am proud to announce that GameQuiche is #32!

Check out the list and this awesome infographic:

Top Gaming blogs

Video Game Trailers — How to make Video Game Trailers that don’t suck

I watch a ton of video game trailers and there’s nothing more annoying than an annoying video game trailer. Remember, folks, promo videos are supposed to promote the game, not turn people off.  To ensure your video game video doesn’t suck, remember one thing: be SUNNY!

Short – keep it as short as possible. Swing at the first pitch, hit the bomb and clear the bases quickly. Teasers shouldn’t be more than 30 seconds. Announcement and gameplay trailers no  more than 60. If the game is mind-blow riveting, then 90 seconds, but absolutely no more than that.

Unique – show us how your game is different. Nothing else. Your baby is the most beautiful baby to you, but not to anyone else. To others, your baby is just a drooling crying chunk of moving flesh. So, get to the point and stay there, why is your game unique? If your game isn’t all that unique, then keep your trailers really really short.

No boring people – if you must have a developer yap on about the awesomeness of your game, make sure she or he is the most interesting developer ever to walk the planet. If not, leave them on the cutting room floor.

Narration – don’t have narration. Your trailer should be visual. It must be understood in a crowded auditorium or at the office cubicle with the volume off. If you must have a voice over, make sure it’s concise and intriguing, and the voice actor doesn’t suck.

Yippee! – after watching your video, gamers should be saying yippee! If not, then review the first four points above and re-edit your video!

Videos are the thing these days and every game, even the little ones, seem to have 3 or 4 of them. If you don’t remember SUNNY, remember this:

Don’t make a video just to make a video.

Sometimes a weak promo video will work against a video game, not promote it. If your game is a rehash of some other game, don’t brag about it on a video. Don’t give us 10 minutes of gameplay that show us nothing more than what Assassin’s Creed or Tomb Raider introduced…TEN years ago. In fact, if that’s the case, keep your video very short, or better, don’t have a video at all.

There, that’s it. Now, sit back and enjoy this all-time awesome game video:

Tron Run/r — As good as the original?

Tron has a special place in the hearts of us “kids” born in the 1970s and ‘80s. Those late Friday afternoons in the dark arcades, the glowing blue lights, the little sci-fi tune before each match, even the unique feel of that fighter-plane joystick and the rotary dial…. There was something special about that game, and it’s not just because of the movie.

But it wasn’t all nostalgia. The original 1982 Tron video game was a good game. It’s all I play whenever I visit the “oldies” arcade at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Why was it so good? The variety. It had 4 subgames and each one was highly addictive. In order of preference, the subgames were:

1) Light Cycles (use a trail of light-walls to trap the bad guys)

tron light cycles

Tron Light Cycles

2) Battle tanks (tanks in maze, destroy enemy tank)

Tron Battle Tank

Tron Battle Tanks

3) I/O Tower (kill bugs, get inside)

Tron video game

Tron I/O Tower

4) MCP Cone (destroy cupcake to get to frosting)

Tron MCP

Tron MCP

Running was not one of them, but the new Tron game is all about running. In fact, it’s called Tron Run/r.

The game, out on Steam, looks like a typical running game. Whole bunch of running, avoiding objects, and so on. In addition to running, you can surf lights and also ride light cycles, but it ain’t old-school light cycle battles, but just keep on moving forward. No strategy, just keep on moving up.

Run/r is one of several sequels to follow the original, including the Discs of Tron (1983) and Tron: Evolution (2010). Both were okay games but lacked the overall awesomeness of the original.

Tron Discs of Tron

Discs of Tron (1983) wasn’t as good as the original

Run/r seems like a fun game, though it seems to be simply using the Tron name and not really adding to the franchise and the innovation started with the first game. I mean, we’ve got enough runners already.

Yep, the original was awesome. Not bad at all for a tie-in game.

Tron Run/r video game

Tron Run/r is a…running game.

Interested in Tron? Buy stuff here:

Street Fighter V — Nothing like a brawl to bring people together

Street Fighter is one of those cross-generational games that keeps coming back. My grandkids will be street-fighting someday. Best thing is it has stayed true to its original gameplay: side-scrolling, keep punching buttons until meter goes 0.

Number 5 in the series will hit the stores on February 16.

Buy Street Fighter V here:

Most of the characters we love, and love to beat up, are back. That’s Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, et al. We also have a few new characters:

Necalli – Aztec or Mayan warrior.

Rashid – Middle Eastern techie who blows a lot of wind (he’d fit in well in Silicon Valley)

street fighter v rashid

Rashid of Street Fighter V

Laura – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with electric shock. She fires projectiles, which doesn’t seem right in Street Fighter.

F.A.N.G. – Chinese assassin with poison. Not sure if he actually has fangs.

The new characters are nice, but what makes Street Fighter endure the test of time is its addictive PvP gameplay. Remember those afternoons in the arcade, hammering away at your opponent? Crowds used to gather around the best matches. Truly social, communal event unlike the multiplayer action these days, which take place over the Internet with idiots often spewing profanity and racist remarks. Couldn’t do that in the arcades without getting uppercut yourself.

Game’s out on PS4, Windows and Linux but I’m looking for it in the arcades….

The Culling Announcement Trailer — Battle ON!

Many enter, only one leaves. That’s the rule of the land. Business, Presidential elections, professional sports, our great land of the free and brave is all about last man standing.

That’s the premise of The Culling, Xaviant’s new online multiplayer coming to Steam, early access on March 8. It’s the “Hunger Games” and “Battle Royale”.  Fight to the death.  Contestants thrown into one place, find ways to kill each other until only one left.

To cull is to send the weak to the slaughter. So if you’re not the fittest, you won’t survive.

In the trailer, there are various ways to achieve a competitive advantage. Like sneaking up from behind and pushing them off a cliff or chain-sawing them.

You also have to make weapons. Could be as simple as sharpening a stick of wood, or something more complex.

Above all, the most interesting way to get an edge is the art of the booby trap. The trailer shows trip wires and sharpened spikes. Ouch!  That would be fun to watch. Set a trap and lure some idiot to it.

The trailer also shows dynamite and explosive arrows, which are not as exciting. The key draw for me will be the creative ways in which we can vanquish the competition. More brains than brawn. If that’s developed to perfection, with numerous variations, this could be the online multiplayer of the year.

Can’t wait to start the culling!

culling video game

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Announcement Trailer — May the Spoof be with you

Where there’s a hit, there’s LEGO to build on it. LEGO is like the new Disney. They know how to market, tie-in, make tons and tons of moolah. They know how to ride coattails. All good.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be about 7 months late when it launches in late June, so not really a tie-in game, but fans of both LEGO and Star Wars are sure to get their hands on this newest in the LEGO gaming franchise.

Watching the announcement trailer reminded me of the Wayan Bros, and Weird Al Yankovic, and Leslie Nielsen. That is, it’s a spoof. And like some of those old Wayan movies, all the best gags might be in the trailer.

Here they are:

:17 – Finn wakes up, he’s got an alarm clock.

:25 – BB8 crashes into a sand castle in the shape of Jabba’s fortress from “Return of the Jedi”.

:30 – Stormtrooper’s playing with the lights. He gets hit in the head with a Stormtrooper helmet.

:36 – Bumper sticker on Rey’s speeder bike: “BB on Board”.

:45 – X-Wing Fighter pilot cockpit goes haywire.

:52 – Hammerhead is fishing, X-Wings go by, Hammerhead ends up in water.

1:04 – Kylo Ren’s lightsaber malfunctions.

1:18 – Millennium Falcon makes happy LEGO face.

As you can see, whole lotta funny.

Game’s out June 28, 2016.