Fable Legends Heroes of Albion Trailer — Winter is here!

By | January 25, 2016

Winter is coming. And she’s not messing around.

The Ice Mage, aptly named, Winter, is the star of the latest trailer for Fable Legends. As her name suggests, Winter uses ice to vanquish her foes. She freezes them so that her mates can shatter them to little pieces. The trailer shows different ways in which she freezes them. This way, that way…does it really matter? She freezes them, and then she freezes them…again and again for the full two minutes of the trailer.

Another thing that the good folks at Lionhead find it important to tells us…repeatedly…is that she’s a party girl. She’ll either party with you or she’ll freeze you. Fun!

Fable Legends is part of the Fable series. Yes, the same fable that goes back to the original Xbox. Yes, the same fable where you can marry…multiple times. A wife in every village, actually. And no wife knows about the other wives. Bad, bad hero!

Fable Legends in an F2P (boo!!!). It’s a cooperative RPG (yay!!!). It takes place hundreds of years before the first Fable (double yay!!!). There’s more magic than technology, which is always a…yay!

Back to Winter. What does she look like? She looks like a really annoying babysitter. Yes, the kind of babysitter you get stuck with when your favorite babysitter is studying for an exam. She pops her gum and video chats while your kids jump off the walls after finishing off a tub of chocolate ice cream.

Well, at least be thankful babysitters can’t freeze you if you short pay her a couple bucks.

Fable Legends is out sometime in 2016 to Xbox One and Windows.

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