Madden Mobile — Is Force Closing cheating?

By | January 23, 2016

I’m sure many of us Madden Mobile veterans are tired of the force closing issue but it seems to keep coming back, and like an old piece of gum, can’t spit it out even though it’s lost all flavor.

I just left a league because of force closing. I liked the league. We were top 200 and moving up. I got Rice from it. Smith and Hester weren’t far. It was competitive but not cut throat. Overall, “NIGHTMARE on Madden” is a good league.

But some of the players started advocating force closing and the commissioner allowed it. You can see the exchange below.

I’m not Captain Ethics, but any kind of cheating — doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile F2P or Enron – it’s lame and I refuse to be part of it.

madde mobile 16 force close

madde mobile 16 force close

madde mobile 16 force close

madde mobile 16 force close

madde mobile 16 force close

What is Force Closing?

Force closing (AKA forceclosing, forclosing or foreclosing), is closing the Madden Mobile app to prevent a negative outcome. For example, you throw an interception and to prevent a pick 6, you shut down the app. When you restart, it’s like that pick never happened and you get a free re-do.

I’ve never actually tried it so I don’t know all the techniques, and don’t care to learn. Electronic Arts (EA) made some improvements between Madden Mobile 15 and 16 to reduce force closing, but EA apparently can’t eliminate it completely.

But just because it’s technically possible, it does not mean it’s okay to do it. You can drive through a red light, but you shouldn’t do it. You can talk trash during league tournaments, but there’s a line you shouldn’t cross.

Is Force Closing Cheating?

Yes, yes, and yes. Force closing IS cheating. Period.

In Head-to-Head (H2H) and Tournament play…definitely. You are preventing the opponent from scoring extra points.

Is it okay to Force Close during Season games and Live Events?

No, it’s not!

Some have said it’s okay to force close during Domination. I know the Domination Live Event is a pain in the rear, and at 10 stamina, very expensive. But to force close in a live event is CHEATING. There are many players who got Domination Gronk without cheating. The reward for playing the live event, without cheating, is a Gronkowski special card rated 99 – an end-card Tight End, if you will. Why would it be fair to play an opponent who got 99 Gronk by cheating?

How do you recognize force closers?

Look at the film after a H2H or Tournament game. If you see a simple, “Turnover,” without a play and yardage, then they force closed after throwing a pick or fumbling. If it simply says, “No Play,” then they force closed before a turnover.

Here’s a recent H2H game. The opponent, d1bound.dev24, clearly force closed on his 4th drive. I eventually won this game 6-3, but it should have been 12-3 going into his 6th drive. In other words, up by 9 points, his 6th drive wouldn’t have mattered. But because he force closed, it game him an opportunity to beat me.

madden mobile video game

This opponent force closed on his 4th drive to prevent a pick 6.

madden mobile video game

I should have won this game 12-3, but because he force closed, I could have lost 10-6.

You might sometimes see the above after a Network Timeout (NTO), but if it recurs in file, it’s probably a force closer.

I won’t force close, but should I care that others do?


I’m currently ranked #75 overall on the H2H leaderboards (gamequiche). I might be higher, though, if it weren’t for force closers. That annoys me and I’m not going to be part of a league that condones it.

Madden Mobile is the best F2P, and I plan on playing it every year. But if cheaters dominate, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

So, all you honest Madden Mobile players out there: DO NOT tolerate force closers!!!

madden mobile 16 force close

11 thoughts on “Madden Mobile — Is Force Closing cheating?

  1. Anonymous

    I’m all for not fc’ing when it’s h2h or league games, but when it comes to season or domination events, EA is just cheating with their ai’s. My 89 averaged o-line, which fares well in my league against defenses with similar, if not higher rating, suddenly becomes Swiss cheese against a 81 rated saints defense in domination. And it’s not only one snap, it’s every snap, almost like I’m countered for every play. Maybe when EA actually spends time on game mechanics instead of milking the money out of players, I’ll consider not fc’ing.

    1. Alex Park Post author

      Yep, Dom is a pain but need that 99 Miller. My tip is to master HB Angle. That’s the only play you need. Unlike H2H, there’s no counter in Live Events, so run it on every down. Look for the HB on the Angle route, adjust your throw depending on how the LBs play it. Short yardage but efficient (and safe!) way to move down the field in Domination. Practice it in Season games. It worked for me.

  2. David

    just had to leave a comment on such an outdated PRO EA post here. why don’t u tell your ea overlords we will stop fcing once they stop cheating with their ais. domination event is such a big offender to this. not only do we players have to deal with CHEATING ai we have to spend 100 minutes to attempt an event that is near impossible without fcing. why don’t u and ur brainwashed head of yours realise that ea is just scamming u and using u like their puppet.

  3. Anonymous

    U have no life if u care so much about other ppl using the FC method. worry about yourself

  4. dicks #2

    if EA doesn’t find a way for it to be patched, then it’s gonna continue to be used ? rather u like it or not. idk why u don’t like it, wouldn’t u rather score 24, than anything below it? Ik I would ☺

  5. dicks

    If ur about to get sacked and lose yards u can forceclose before the play is over and u wont lose yards 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    If league has already gotten rice and smith and if I join them is it impossible for me to get the reward

  7. JOe

    Why is it that my oline is good but my o takles cant block anyone? They have the opportunity to block but just stand there like their feet is glued to the grass. Its always my otackles never my guards or center.

    1. Duane HInnen (Vjun)

      I’ve been having the same problem since I hit hall of fame and got a decent 92ovr. Team. Don’t get it. I’ve tried high stat pass blockers at OT. High run blockers at OG all with high str. Frustrating, on far too many plays they run through my line like it’s Swiss cheese.

      1. Bowman

        Wow really can’t believe the lack of support for someone being honest. I know it is a game, but it starts lilttle with a game and before you know it you have no integrity at all. So I will not cheat and use CF.


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