Far Cry Primal — Takkar Trailer: Don’t get Extinct

By | January 21, 2016

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Ah, the Stone Age…. Mammoths, sabretooth tigers, and tribes of strange hunting-gathering two-legged creatures. The good old days.

Wish you were born during the Stone Age? Wanna roast some mammoth burgers over an open fire? Now you can! Far Cry Primal will take you there.

The new trailer introduces us to Takkar, the hero of our adventure back in time. He’s definitely more hunter than gatherer. In fact, he’s the lone survivor of a hunting-trip gone horribly wrong. His tribe is desolated and he’s got to survive, any way he can.

What’s at stake?

Extinction of the species.

Dead Mammoth = BBQ buffet!

Dead Mammoth = BBQ buffet!

The cinematic trailer shows us a green pristine world completely thawed-out of the Ice Age. Resources look aplenty, but technology sucks, and so it’s hard-core Darwinism as every creature on Earth tries to plant roots.

There’s tribal warfare and wild animal attacks – all brutal. (Something tells me this game will be a bit violent.) We also get religious antics and really awesome masks.

People are not yet the dominant species. Smarter than the average monkey, but weak and slow. Easy snack for a big cat. Do everything right, use that big over-sized brain, and Takkar’s journey will take us down the road of apex-dom.

Happy trails!

The Ubisoft game is out on February 23, 2016.

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