Tap Tycoon Review — Real Cash for Fake Cash?

By | January 1, 2016

Game Experience: Low

Game Value: Medium

Total Score: 3 out of 6

Quiche’s Recommendation: More fun ways to make money…

Let’s make more money! No, that’s not a New Year’s resolution, it’s Tap Tycoon, where tapping the screen makes it flow green.

tap tycoon video game

What’s the draw of this new mobile F2P? The goal is to make money, lots of it. But of course, it’s not about greed here. The noble purpose is to help strengthen the economy, which will in turn strengthen your nation so that it can dominate the world. If this was real, all that cash will probably end up in your pocket or some off-shore account, but let’s not think that way. We’re good people – this is about helping your nation become great…again.

As mentioned, you make cash by tapping the screen. Upgrades allow you to make more cash per tap. You also buy businesses and upgrade them, which bring in more cash. Once you’ve got a few businesses flowing green, you’re on your way to becoming a true conglomerate. Of course, the game’s developers are not completely altruistic, either – so the capitalists ask you to spend real money to buy diamonds which will help you make in-game money. Yep, that’s right: spend real money to make fake money.

tap tycoon video game

There are other features such as:

Global War: country vs country tournaments.

Sending Troops: earned by playing the game. Helps you with global wars.

Global Leaderboards: how do you stack up against other players?

And a few others.

Is the game fun?

It would be if we’re talking about real cash. And if there was some level of strategy involved. Sure, you have to figure out which buildings to buy and upgrade and so on, but the game’s really about tapping that screen and then tapping it some more until your wrists get tired. Upgrading and coming back few times a day to collect on your investments are also required. If there were more monopoly elements such as taking over other players’ businesses and so on, then maybe there could be something here. But as is, not enough gameplay to wow.

tap tycoon video game

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