Valiant on Kickstarter — Virtual Reality, Virtual Brutality?

By | December 21, 2015

Technology will take us to the past…to experience all the wonderful brutality of human history. Medieval warfare, for example, was especially cruel. Take the Battle of Visby, for instance. Knights hacking away peasants. Fun times! It won’t be long before we see all that chivalry in action first hand. For now, we have Valiant.

Valiant is a virtual reality medieval warfare multiplayer. It’s spent the last year in the D-League, now they’re taking it to The Show. Or hope to. It’s currently on Kickstarter at $2K of $11K with 23 days to go.

valiant video game

The game itself won’t make you say, “Beauteous!” At least not yet. Actually, what’s there right now doesn’t look much more than a game of tag on horses. But of course, what’s interesting about this is the VR. The experience of immersing yourself. The game doing what good entertainment in all mediums do well…suspend disbelief. That’s the true fascination with Valiant, and why it should be funded.

If you’re looking for true medieval gameplay, For Honor might be the one waiting for.

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