Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Review — The Force is with you…and your mobile device…always

By | December 10, 2015

Game Experience: High

Game Value: High

Total Score: 6 out of 6

Quiche’s Recommendation: This IS the F2P you’re looking for….

As F2Ps go, doesn’t get much better than Madden Mobile. But another mobiler from EA, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, comes pretty close.

star wars galaxy of heroes

Light vs Dark in Galaxy of Heroes.

Galaxy of Heroes (GoH) is essentially a card game. Collect your characters through play and purchase, upgrade and train them, and unleash them on the enemy. The game modes are not unique to GoH. In fact, it’s very similar to Madden Mobile, et al. There’s a campaign mode, head-to-head, ranking, challenges and others that unlock as you advance in level. Daily rewards and achievements keep you coming back for more, and then back for more…again. It’s that addictive.

star wars galaxy of heroes

Battle it out at your favorite Star Wars spots, like the Death Star!

And it does what Madden Mobile does so well. It’s playable without real cash. There is an energy meter but it’s not so limited that you spend less than ten minutes playing it at a time. Graphics are clean and detailed for a mobile F2P.

But more than anything else, what makes this game so addictive is…Star Wars. That makes me biased, I know. I freaking love Star Wars! So the characters, and collecting them, is the hook and bait. I’m caught! The characters span all the movies and includes those from the animated fillers as well. Clone War clones, Boba Fett, Stormtroopers from the Darth Vader era, to the First Order…. There’s even that X-Wing pilot that Luke talks to for like 2 minutes…what’s his name? Why was he even in the movie? Yep, they’ve even got him.

star wars galaxy of heroes

Upgrade your characters to make them more awesome.

And of course, there is the Jedi. They’re not as powerful in GoH as they should be. For example, a regular grunt droid from Phantom Menace can take out my weaker Jedi with a single shot. In the movies, those droids got taken out like Lego blocks. But the Jedi are still pretty cool regardless. And then there are the Ewoks. They’ve still got bows and arrows, and they’re still huggable, but they’re capable of serious damage. So, okay, the characters’ abilities are not exactly “realistic”, but they’re still cool to collect and battle with.

star wars galaxy of heroes

Improve your characters for victory.

The game rocks, one of the best this year. I could just be over-jazzed about The Force Awakens, but I’m loving this game!

star wars galaxy of heroes

Use strategy to defeat your foes.

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