The Walking Dead: Michonne — ’bout time girl got her own series

By | December 7, 2015

I love Clementine, but no one is more memorable in The Walking Dead than Michonne. She’s memorable because she’s mysterious. I haven’t read all the comics but I do know she’s got a dark past, much more than what we see in the TV Show. I mean, she’s got a katana and two jawless walkers in tow!

The TellTale Games series, The Walking Dead: Michonne, tries to unravel some of the mystery. We see what happened “between issues #126 and #139” and “what took her away from Rick, Ezekiel, and the rest of her trusted group…and what brought her back.”

The VO Talent is Samira Wiley, from Netflix’s Orange is the New Black.

The trailer shows Michonne at an old beach front campsite, probably the scene of a traumatic event in her life. Then we see her on a boat, hacking walkers, and then captured by non-walkers. There’s a gun to her head. Good stuff, can’t wait.

The Walking Dead: Michonne – A Telltale Games Series is out in February 2016, downloadable to PC, Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.

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