Nvidia Shield — Geeky Cool from 10,000 Feet

By | November 17, 2015

How do you sell to geeks? Give things geeky names.

The Nvidia Shield is geeky.

Forged by the wizards deep in the valley of silicon, the magical shield of Nvidia will restore balance and end the great war of set-top boxes….

And how do you sell geeky things to the non-geeky? Make it cool. And how do you make geeky cool? Throw it out of an airplane, of course.

At 10,000 feet. And a guy with it. And a cat. And an entire man cave.

That’s the same conclusion the marketing geniuses at Nvidia made to introduce their set-top box, the Shield.

The set-top box is your typical 20-teens set-top box. Streaming. TV. Apps and games.

The two-minute video is impressive. All practical, it seems, except maybe the actual screen footage…? The guy’s actually thrown out of a plane strapped to his easy chair. He watches TV. He plays games. Racing game first, and then Street Fighter.

From 10,000 feet, it takes about 60 seconds to go Wile E. Coyote splat. So it’s impressive he can play a round of Street Fighter in under 60 seconds.

As for the set-top box, will it have more wow-wow than the others out there? Will it be as cool as the video?

Well, if it’s geeky cool like the name, it’s all good with me.

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