Friday the 13th Video Game on Kickstarter — Don’t mess with Jason’s Mom

By | November 4, 2015

Asymmetrical multiplayer intrigues me! Especially horror games. You have one monster or killer, and then there are many victims trying to survive. We saw asymmetrical action in Evolve, but that was a “hunting” romp. Now, we have a true asymmetrical horror featuring our favorite hockey-mask donning psycho killer, Jason Voorhees.

Friday the 13th: The Game is currently on Kickstarter. It’s almost there: $615K of $700K with 9 days to go.

If I remember correctly, Jason Voorhees was indeed involved in some asymmetrical warfare. All the camp kids versus poor Jason. He gets killed. And then he’s back, undead and angry, and he’s out for some hacking and chain-sawing.

In the game, you can be Jason or one of 7 campers trying to survive. Unlike the movies, I’m sure the players playing the campers are not complete dimwits. They won’t backpedal into an alley or look over a ledge or nonchalantly sit next to an unconscious Jason without finishing him off. No, they’re not idiots. Or are they?

I’m hoping this game becomes a reality so we can find out.

And actually, I’m hoping this could be a 2-7 multiplayer. Who’s the second? Jason’s mother, of course. She narrates the trailer and she sounds much more pissed off about Jason’s death than Jason himself. What kind of mother wouldn’t be?

Please, if the game gets funded, let’s feature Jason’s mom at some point.

Back the game!

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