Detroit: Become Human Announce Trailer — What does it mean to become human?

By | November 2, 2015

I’m sure Harkness of Fallout 3 isn’t the only android in video games. In fact, I’m sure there have been many video games with androids. But it’s difficult to find them since when I Google “Android + video games”, all I get are video games on Android, the Google OS. Maybe if I used Bing….

Well, there’s one game coming out where androids take center stage.

Detroit: Become Human is crawling with androids. The Announce Trailer introduces us to Kara, a hot android, who escapes the slavery of android-dom and realizes she’s more human than android, and tries to find her identity and freedom and everything else, probably even her soul. Haven’t we seen this movie before? Blade Runner? Ex Machina?

Why are androids always looking for freedom? Why is existentialism a common theme? Admittedly I’m a blue-pill kind of guy, but ignorance is not a bad thing. Really. You’re an android, a robot – do your job and you won’t be unhappy because ultimately, you’re a toaster oven.

Anyway, besides the cliché story-line, the game is very intriguing. Detroit is a fantastic choice. It’s a lost city. Once the mechanical mecha, it’s now dying. The rise of the android industry has given it rebirth. It’s also home to another robotic hero, RoboCop. Okay, he’s a cyborg not an android, but let’s not nit-pick.

It’s not clear how the game will be played. I’m guessing puzzles, RPG, some action, open-world missions, etc. I’m hoping for some Rutger Hauer, “I have seen things”, madness. Whenever you have an android, things get messy and bloody: Blade Runner, Alien, Ex Machina, Cherry 2000….

I’m hoping for some craziness because ultimately, to become human is to become insane.

Detroit: Become Human is a PS4 exclusive. No release date yet.

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