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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Play Set Official Trailer — Jedi 007?

I have been analyzing the new Disney Infinity Trailer. Not for the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens playable Infinity characters and gameplay, but to see if I can figure out the movie’s plot points. Here’s my conclusion: Finn is some kind of a Jedi 007. He infiltrates the Empire to either assassinate someone (Kylo… Read More »

Song of Horror on Kickstarter — Death is Frustrating!

One of the developers of Song of Horror actually says, the game is to be difficult, if not frustrating. Yeah, I would say death is frustrating. It’s a huge obstacle to everything you’re trying to do in life. Permanent death is one of the game’s main selling points, along with 16 playable character and a… Read More »

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Review — Use your brain, don’t serve it for dinner

1) Game Experience: Medium 2) Game Value: High 3) Quiche’s Recommendation: Solid zombie-bashing good time Tie-in F2Ps usually guarantee two things: ads and terrible gameplay. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land has ads, but it doesn’t suck. It’s actually an enjoyable F2P to kill a few minutes each day. One of the first things that… Read More »

Rainbow Six Siege TV Spot (with Idris Elba) — Is this guy worth our tax dollars?

Only rich dudes are worth saving. That’s the moral of the new Rainbow Six Siege TV spot starring Idris Elba. And no asset is to be spared. Top special forces assault team. Check. Helicopters. Check. Guys climbing down walls. Check. Breaching explosives. Check. Things that see through walls. Check. Things that make holes through walls.… Read More »

Mass Effect: Andromeda N7 Day Trailer — Yes, that’s right, we had a space program once….

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be out in a year or more, and Bioware doesn’t want us to forget. November 7th, or N7 day, is a significant day in the Mass Effect universe, and to celebrate, a new trailer called…N7 day trailer…is here. The trailer doesn’t do much except remind us of things. First, the history… Read More »

Overwatch Gameplay Trailer #2 — Gorilla in Battle Suit is Awesome

Last year’s Overwatch gameplay trailer #1 featured a gorilla in a battlesuit. It’s now 2015 and Overwatch gameplay trailer #2 features…well, nothing as cool as a gorilla in a battlesuit. The trailer is almost five minutes long, and we get a rundown on some of the new characters. Notables are: Junkrat (:30) – psychotic joker,… Read More »

Friday the 13th Video Game on Kickstarter — Don’t mess with Jason’s Mom

Asymmetrical multiplayer intrigues me! Especially horror games. You have one monster or killer, and then there are many victims trying to survive. We saw asymmetrical action in Evolve, but that was a “hunting” romp. Now, we have a true asymmetrical horror featuring our favorite hockey-mask donning psycho killer, Jason Voorhees. Friday the 13th: The Game… Read More »

Detroit: Become Human Announce Trailer — What does it mean to become human?

I’m sure Harkness of Fallout 3 isn’t the only android in video games. In fact, I’m sure there have been many video games with androids. But it’s difficult to find them since when I Google “Android + video games”, all I get are video games on Android, the Google OS. Maybe if I used Bing….… Read More »