No Man’s Sky “I’ve Seen Things” Trailer — When will we see the game?

By | October 28, 2015

No Man’s Sky is finally here…almost. Actually, there are still 8 more months before the game’s release (June 2016), but who’s counting?

I am!

I first wrote about No Man’s Sky in December of 2013. And then again in December of 2014. And then again this year in July. I’m writing about it now…October 2015. This is the most I’ve written about a game that hasn’t released. What’s up?

It just means the game’s going to be awesome, and based on the latest trailer, they’re getting it right.

The new “I’ve Seen Things” trailer gets back on point. The game’s MacGuffin is exploration and discovery, which the last trailer deviated from. Yes, there are battles and war machines, including a poor man’s AT-ST at 1:18, but overall, the true payoff is finding stuff, the thrill of landing on a planet for the first time. That’s back, and that’s what this game is all about. Put on your Columbus hats, it’s time to exploit an innocent new world!

The trailer also shows other Star Wars influenced tech, like a fighter that resembles a closed-wing X-wing and Clone War-era walkers. First person action includes space dog fights and blasters. Overall, the trailer is awesome, including the Blade Runner homage.

Again, the tech and battle play are nice, but the big draw is the exploration. Everyone wants to explore and search for that fountain of youth or the cache of gold. Whatever it is that drives us, we want to look for it. This game allows us to do that.

June 2016 feels like light years away….

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